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Wow. A year and no reply. Much help. Very wow.

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This game is a (insert very posotive adjective here coupled with swear here) game. But 2 things. One: This might be annoying to some people, but instead immediatly repairing replacing or building parts, maybe add a construction wait? no more than minute though, obviously (you could make this all possible in battle to balance it). And i would like to know if this game will cost money in the future. Can i have an answer please? EDIT: Also there are some people with amazing ideas *cough 2 comments down cough*. Srlsy try to tske note of these (ignore if you have)

How to win every time : HOLD ALL THE BUTTTONS!

Just downloaded windows version, and the tutorial level isnt loading and i cant exit the level. HELP PLS!

Sipho community · Replied to Dominas in Bugs

Yes you are right. Its rare but happens sometimes. I play on windows and its downloaded. An empty field with background bubbles was all there was.

Thank you for letting me know, i appreciate it!

3rd boss is WAY to hard for the time given to grow. Please either remove the forced whirlpools or bump the difficulty down, because it heals whatever damage i can do to it in seconds, replenishes zooids i destroy, the leeches make close range attacks impossible and minions render the bugnis useless due to its low duribilty. Please reply.

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VERY GAMEBREAKING BUG: When i pressed space to enter growth, i got taken to the home screen for some odd reason. After i pressed continue though the entire world was a blank canvas, including missing background and enemies.  I play on windows 7 and have the game downloaded. Accurate description? A blue background with bubbles and myself was all that was in sight, even after 5 mins of moving around. (edit) I was on the first c'thal. (Edit 2) happend twice now, this time on the bugnis boss

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

I found a new bug- (windows, downloaded on the application) I pressed space to enter growth mode, took me to home screen (first bug) and when i clicked continue, it took me to a blank landscape. (second bug) Reloading hasnt worked, any other solutions?