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The World Transformed

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Choose the first option, that setting doesn't seem to show up for some people for whatever reason. The first option is for video games, the second one for tabletop games.

OK, we've extended the submission end date now and you can submit your projects late.

We will revert this change later today before the main event is over, but are willing to re-extend it briefly to allow specific submissions if you're unable to submit in the next few hours for whatever reason. Just message on the Discord or post on here and we will take a look.

We are planning an amnesty period today where late submitters are going to be able to get in, but are just looking into how this will affect the ratings queue now. We will update you here and on the Discord when/if that happens so you can re-submit.

Hello Jammers,

When submitting your game, please make sure you include clearly on your game’s itch page:

  • Credits for any third party code/assets you have used
  • If you have used any of the micro themes, please list which

A bit about how the prizes will be awarded:

  • The main prize will be determined by public rating of the games on itch.
  • The rating period will be  28 May - 11 June.
  •  All games that meet the technical requirements will be playable on the arcade machine that gets taken to the main TWT festival later in the year.
  •  The winner of the main prize will headline this machine.
  • We will also have extra prizes to award at the in-person event on Sunday: - The best video game and best tabletop game prizes will be determined by attendee vote 
  • Other prizes will be chosen by the organising team and our guest speakers
  • The votes from the in-person event won’t count towards the main prize so if you attend the in-person event, make sure you rate the games on itch as well

Get your tickets here:

Ah, the original graphic isn't readable in dark mode on this page, apologies.

The arcade machine will have a resolution of 1920x1080px, and you should use the Xbox prompts as the controls printed on the arcade machine will be Xbox style.

Here is a rundown of how the controls will relate to each other:

Hi, No it's not mandatory to attend the team making session, but if you already have a team setup you're still encouraged to attend the event and present your idea, and see if any others might want to add their skills