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The Mayday Man

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Small bug: on differently sized screens, such as 4:3 aspect ratio, the loading screen does not fully cover the level, and one-screen puzzles aren't fully visible. Other than that, great demo!

K, where will you upload this? Editing before voting ends is disabled.

The game crashes on launch.

The just announced!

Theme announced when the jam starts

Great job on making it to CoolMathGames

Thanks! Felt like it was pretty bad. All there is is a scuffed character controller and lava and a goal, and a very similar character controller on each player.

Hilarious and super clever. Wish there were more levels.

I panicked at the deadline but thankfully there was that 20 minute grace period! 😅

I would have made many more levels and camera movement if I had the time. I joined the game jam very late. My idea that I wanted to do was two characters controlled by the same controller, but over time the other player becomes controlled with arrow keys, but I didn't have the time, so I just went with the same controller. The minimalist graphics were a limitation of my time. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! I expect it was done to death, but I had no other ideas.

LOL! So true. I actually made some levels with a friend after the jam was over, and both of them used ceiling climbing.

I agree that jump sounds would be good, but I have little experience with sounds in Unity and I had ten minutes left.

I like the game, but the hitboxes on the souls are a bit jank at the end. Looks great. Would be cool if there were branching paths instead of same levels, but it's a game jam.

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I've been deving for about two weeks, so I couldn't figure that out. I think the camera would roll.

I got 6:33. Can you beat that?

How did you do this in three days?

This is great! You should make some more levels!