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In the dungeon, the sliding doors stopped working-- I tried intentionally dying as well as closing the game and they still wouldn't open after I entered the first room in the area.

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I thought I'd post something here about the voice over in the intro of the game. I could only make out the bit at the end and I think it says:

"No-one can understand it, and it is the nature of its/this system"

Maybe the intro isn't particularly important to the game and isn't intended to be understood, but I think it's real neat and I'm curious about what it says. If anyone else made out a different bit, please do reply with what you came up with!

Edit: The end bit might say "the nature of existence" rather than "its/this system" and also I think the beginning might say "There are times in this world when..."

I'm glad you enjoy it! :)

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Hiya, glad you liked it! I do realize that the giant Ohmu insect technically killed the enraged insect, but ultimately it's because of the player if they choose that method of beating it. And there is, in fact, an alternate better ending if you wanna try and get a higher score.

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It's the tile that looks like this: 

Sorry that it didn't stand out very well, I tried to pick a pattern that was somewhat unique so the player could tell what it is.

I hope this helps!

if it helps, it fills the yellow bar a bit when you kill insects, and something happens if it's full

I agree, to be honest, about the music. I'll probably go in and swap it out for something a bit better. Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome, thanks!

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Hiya! I love the demo, you really nailed the atmosphere and flow and I'm looking forward to the full game!

So I was wondering what you made this with, as I've been getting into game making recently and don't have much of an engine or anything to use (except PICO-8 but that's intentionally very limited in what you can do).