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Oh ok, for some reason I thought you were talking about mutants in the horde mode. Once I went into a monument with an axe and I stealth killed 99% of the guardians. As I was making my way down I fell all the way to the bottom and I got finished off by a guardian that I just so happened to fall right in front of.

I've shot mutants from around corners before. When you shoot them from around corners they break free from the corner and actually have a chance of getting to you.

The main thing killing me is hunger.

I accidentally threw a molotov cocktail on myself and then I couldn't get out of the fire because a mutant cornered me.

Is there anyway to kill the blue soul like thing that flies around on the ship map?

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I also got a DB shotgun on the second round. Thought guns were supposed to be rare.

I survived 10 rounds with a record of 2150. I only killed on mutant.

Oh, they looked like dirt piles to me.

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I was playing horde mode and I made  really stupid decision. I decided to drink vodka right after getting lit on fire by  a fire zombie. It got really crazy because my view was every where and I couldn't see where I was going.

The zombies will get stuck o the dirt piles in between the ramp/stairs in the horde mode on the map Shopping Mall.

I'm back. I think there is a bug with the buttons in the title screen were they will sometimes sense that you are hovering your mouse over them while you are hovering your mouse over the button just below them.

What do I do if a mountain  generates in front of the exit?

And one of the maps doesn't load in causing the player to fall out of the map.

This is really good but the guardians are over powered.

my game froze in the first 5 seconds