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Thank you for the feedback! I think you're right about why the game freezes after finishing level 20.

I would love to alter the levels more than the direction, but they are still in a complicated custom format adapted for the 13kb jam and I didn't have the time to rewrite it. They are actually made in Tiled, parsed with a script into strings that are finally concatenated into a long level data string with things like positions of knives and their times baked into shared bytes. Now, with a little more experience I think I could have skipped some of the tricks since zip probably would do it better anyway...

Again, thanks for the feedback. I'm super happy someone actually finished it with all knifes.

Thanks for playing and for the video. After watching it I think I might need to review the level order. At least level 3 should move to a higher number.

Last commit on github was 15 days ago (2.8 branch). Doesn't seem dead to me.

Congrats! It looks great with details like trees partly submerging the player. Did you create all the assets too or did you buy them? How long did you spend to create it? Perhaps you could find a way to port game data from Aidiania to use this engine you've built, with fresh graphics and more future proof.