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Google is your friend:

Oh look, another Bait & Switch on a DRM-free platform to go to Steam only!

Too bad I have to go through a Paypal checkout or else I would have bought this if I could simple use my credit card.

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Too bad I have to go through a Paypal checkout or else I would have bought this if I could simple use my credit card.

Pretty much what I needed to know, cheers mate.

On both Steam and GOG, a publisher can offer you a game code in order to get the game for a review. So what about Itch, is there such a thing? If not, how can a publisher offer you a game besides offering an off-site download?


Hey mate, your "Status" still says "In development" on Itch. If the game is done, you may want to change that.

OK, guess I'll wait. BTW, Degica will allow you to publish the game yourself on Itch? I'm just asking because they never go with a DRM-Free option (Itch and GOG for example).

No selling Early Access on Itch?

Well at least it's on GOG which is also DRM-Free:

Love to see that you're still working on this. Also love to new DEMO, but did you remove the New Game+ which unlocks everything after finishing the DEMO?

The game is coming out next month... on Steam... early access -_-
Guess I'll have to be content with that DEMO from now on cause if he's going early access, it's staying on Steam. Well sorry mate, I no longer buy indie games with DRM.

A lot of developers seem to use Itch to gather a crowd, but then only release on Steam. Well jokes on them, I stopped buying indie games on Steam a while back. Release it on Itch, GOG, Playism, GameJolt, I don't care, but I don't want any more DRM in my indie games. 

I would understand this answer if I was asking for an XBOX1 port of a PS4 game, but we're talking about taking a game from one PC distributor to another PC distributor. Hell, this is Itch, most games you download here are just zipped :p

Hey this looks great so far. Couple of questions however:

1- Is it possible to keep the 4:3 aspect ration in full screen mode?

2- Is it possible to use the D-pad instead of the analog stick on an XBOX controller?


This is classified under "Erotic", is this correct?

Hi there,

I need to ask, why do you use a platform like Itch to advertise your game and only release it on Steam when complete? Do you believe the boomers of the gaming industry that adding DRM somehow prevents pirates from distributing you game or is there a more technical reason behind all of this?

Hope the full game will be release here on Itch and not just Steam.

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I hate it when developers use Itch just to advertise their game, but then only release on Steam because God knows DRM reeeally make a difference against piracy (sarcasm). If you don't like Itch, at least try getting on

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2020/02/17: Itch fix the issue after I reported it via the report link at the bottom.

Hi there. The games doesn't install through the Itch App. Are you the one who needs to fix this or is it on Itch's part?

Hi there,

I would like to first congratulate you on a very great game. I played the DEMO twice last night and I had a lot of fun with it.

First, for my question, do you plan to release the game on when it's complete or only on Steam? I'm asking before I do prefer buying on DRM-Free platforms like, or Playism.

Next for my suggestions, could you add a couple of options regarding running? The options would be:
Run by double tapping a direction On/Off (this would allow disabling the double tap option for players who may not like this)
Press and hold the run button to run  On/Off (this would allow players to hold the button to run like they can in so many other games)

That's pretty much it really, I couldn't find anymore additions for such a great game. Looking forward to the full release.

Thank you

So do we get both a Steam Key and a DRM-Free version?