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Okay, it's linked now in the comments

Only for those who need it

Just finished recording a walkthrough, I still think it would be better to play the game for yourself and solve the puzzles but if you don't have the time for that then that's okay too I guess. I'll update you when YouTube will allow me to share it.

There's a note in the casino that should hint towards it, but basically you need to play all four slot machines and use them to get the combination. Remember that there is a difference between 5 and x5.

That one is a bit confusing, you just have to figure out how many spaces the statues moved in the picture compared to their positions in the real world. The first two digits are the amount of squares the Princess moved, the third is the amount of squares the Knight moved, and the fourth is the amount of squares the Demon moved. The first one to move is always the Princess, followed by the Knight, and then the demon, so for the first round first the Princess will move 3 squares, the Knight will move 1 square, and the Demon will move 2 squares. (if i'm remembering it correctly)

Unless there's some kind of a glitch in the browser based version that stops events from working in some way, all you really have to do is pay close attention to how the prisoner to the far left is moving and once you have that pattern down, the actual solution is pretty lenient. I'm a little surprised that after walking around every space of your cell you haven't triggered it by accident. If you'd like I could share a walkthrough for people who get stumped, but I have to warn you it becomes a much less interesting game once you know all of the tricks.

I'll admit that puzzle is very hard. Pay close attention to your surroundings though and I think the answer will become obvious

Ok, sorry I think I was having trouble because both files had the same name, hopefully it didn't mess up the game too much but I think everything is working now.

If you run into any trouble with lag or glitches playing the browser version, please try the downloadable version linked above ^^^

Hey, I've noticed playing in a browser can sometimes cause glitches. Is there a way to have both an in-browser version and a downloadable version on the same page?

yeah sure, I'm bringing back the two main characters Geoffrey and Michael from my previous game, but the stories themselves don't have much in common so people don't have to play the previous game in order to play this one. I'm still relying mostly on rtp graphics but due to the complexity of some of the puzzles I've also had to make a few of my own, and even though it doesn't really look like the rtp stuff it's still given me more confidence in my artistic skill. Hopefully some day I can make a game with 100% original graphics.

Also! I'm incorporating live action video into this one again, but since I didn't want to confuse people who played the first game I instead got one of my friends to record videos and send them to me. That's been really fun for both of us, and I can't wait to show them the final product! 

One of my biggest regrets about the previous game jam was that I ended up turning in my game last minute and ended up with barely any time to play other people's submissions. My hope is that if I keep progressing at this current pace I'll have time to go back and play more of the previous jam's submissions and some of the ones for this jam before I decide whether or not I want to enter the next one.

My game has gotten so big that it's starting to hurt my head, thank god it's almost done and definitely has more variety than the one I made for the last jam. I just hope it's scary enough to be considered "horror".

Wow, this game was awesome! I really like the art style and the way you were able to tell the story through visuals. My only complaint is that the sound effect that plays when I close a menu sounds like it's ripping through my eardrums, but even that is only a minor thing when compared to the sheer amount of awesomeness on display! Thank you for making this!

Yeah, that's okay. I noticed that myself while I was making it but sadly I was too far in to turn around and make something else. I can promise you my next game will have more variety in the puzzles.

I haven't played it, but I looked up the plot on Wikipedia so I have a general idea. What would you say about games like Space Funeral or Lisa? Since I'm more familiar with those I think they would work better as a reference point for where I should be aiming. 

Hi! Sorry, I'm a bit late to this jam but I'm going to try to make a game in what time is left anyway. Just to be clear, what specific NSFW content is not allowed? Obviously nudity, but are things like excessive violence or dark subject matter also included? Since those are big elements of a lot of horror related media. And what about descriptions of things that could be considered NSFW?

Basically, how PG-13 do we have to keep it?

That's cool, I've already started a new project anyway. The only real difference is it will take longer to finish, but overall I'd say it was a better idea starting fresh than retreading old territory anyway.

Asking for a friend.

I guess? I'm really not sure what it is,  but maybe downloading the game will fix it.

I think something is wrong with the text in this game