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I use Audacity.. just make sure it's a MUCH older version.. the newer ones have spyware shoved in them..

Just play the sound and record it with an outside piece of software.

That's what i do.

It actually is.

Even i noticed this. I managed to avoid losing flash.. but.. i know it won't last forever.. but the FLASH version is better for a few reasons.. i can load it into Media Player Classic and scale it up full screen... the audio is louder as well.

This version can't be scaled up.. and it's harder to hear.

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Just play the sound you make with Audacity recording and then use audacity to save the file.. though i'm not sure about MOD.. i know you can save it to MP3 and OGG using this method. Can also just use Audacity to save the wav to what ever.. i know it's a bunch of extra steps.. but i don't think we'll ever see other files.

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This might sound insane and just not very doable.

But is there any way to use your own wave file rather than the 10 it comes with?

It'd be awesome if you could insert a wav of like some instrument's tone or something and then do the same things to it.

30 dollars?

Holy moley..

Wasn't the MV one free or something?