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oh, i probably missed it, i apologize

you should fix a problem with the UI :  when i click on settings we cant remove it next

but your game a nice concept and music is cool

lol this game is so fun, music is cool too

Very good simple game ! I love the music

very cool design and sound !
i don't know what happened in game but the design introduce to me how play x)
the main menu don't work with me :/
This game is very addictive , I recommended !

I love this game !
The aesthetic is very cool and with the sound , they do a very cool atmosphere !!
i don't like the camera movement but if you fixe that , This game will be very interesting and cool !

Nice game, could be better in the future !

Nice little game, makes me addictive !

Noice, the dead sound is perfect

Good project i had some fun with it !

I like your minimalist style, and good concept

Aesthetics are verry well, i like it !

A very good work for 72h game


what a pleasent elastic octopus game :P

Nice one, remember me the mechanics of World of Goo :)

Good concept !

all the game is nice but you should change the music, maybe

Cool mechanics, nice game play!

I take very fun with your game, music, sfx are well too ^^

good job

I like this kind of game simple and it works, nice mecanics

Incredible concept, gooooooooooooooooood job ! ;)

my score 233.9

love the cheap style of yours :)

good job

Nice game, the physics are hard ! :P

So nice music and concept this one could be a verry pretty smartphone game

good job

Nice idea, and like The BuffED said need controller ^^

Nice idea !

And i really like building games 

good job !

The aesthetics and the sound are cool but the volume is very  high !
When the game begin we have a lot of sentences to read so i think you do a better tutorial for explain each features . The post processing are interesting but it can be better. The idea of the game is good so continue and it will be a very interesting game !

You has a concept and need to dev it :) Good luck for this!

I love this concept, you made great work, congratulations !

[Lehomar2vinci, sounddesign] : i really apreciate your comment, looks truely sincere ! We had some troubles with github just before the deadline and we had some bugs to fix at the last minute and not all unfortunately (like several people i think durring gamejams), before compiling. ^^

I will also write down your ideas which sound interesting, it might be cool to implement that!

Indeed , as you said i hope too this will not be an abandonware :P

Thanks for your comment and have a nice day ;)

Score : 2081, i think it's bad :D

I would have bet that it was a game made on GMS but it's still Unity lol 

The music is engaging too!

I hope you can play ours too, I invite you to do it;)

Addictive game, good job !

i think your game can be a lot better. I love the design of your game but the background is very disturbing.  Animations need to have more frames because for me the game is rigid. The sound is very cool but more sound design can add more sensations. It have a lot of potential !

I like the atmosphere of your game but i think , if you had some sound design it will be better !!

Thank you a lot for your comment ! We work a lot on post processing .

have you try to set the quality on "Low" ?

And thank you for the main menu ^^

Nice simple game with click, remember me some other gamejam subjects (last GMTK ) :p 

Make me laught just for this !

So nice !

Looks like a solid game. If you can explain how to kill or not, this one made me incredible sensations. Write to us if this one 'll be dev more pls !

Nice idea, you should maybe exploit this one to make a good game probably !

Go Go !

Oops. nice one for your first, looks like tetris but it isn't!

Oh man, this is a perfect game ! UI, graphics, music, gameplay, with store.... genious!