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This is very helpful, thank you, I think I've found the root of the problem (it also explains why I never ran into it before, I don't tend to swap weapons while on location so I never thought to test it). When a weapon is equipped, it saves its "location" as the entity ID of the person that has it equipped. The issue is that it wasn't updating this information of the clip item contained inside the weapon, so it was still remembering its location ID to be the NPC that originally dropped it, who isn't persisted in the save file so it ends up as a dead reference. I should be able to have a fixed version up later today.

The fix won't be able to do anything related to issues already in your save file but it will prevent it from re-occurring in the future.

I've never seen that issue before - does it happen after doing anything specific? I'm also not clear on what you mean by clips disappearing - as in they are registered to a character's inventory but don't load in the save, or the clip in the gun itself disappears?

There isn't currently a way to do this but it makes sense as something I could add

I've uploaded a Mac build to the main itch page - I can't test it because I don't have a mac myself but it should work since I've done other mac builds in the past from Unity without issue.

At the moment, but I can do a Mac/Linux build as well

The "cause of breach" messages are intended to be little hints as to what specifically you did wrong, but some are more vague than others (and sometimes the reason it escapes isn't necessarily the biggest thing you did wrong, just the straw that broke the camel's back)

I don't have any plans to do a mobile port - I don't have an android device to test on and supporting and updating mobile versions is a bit beyond what I ever had planned for this project.

There are conversation hotkeys - if you hit a number between 1 and 6 it selects the speaker, and doing it a second time will select the target. The letters in brackets on the buttons are the shortcut to activate the dialogue choice.

I've deliberately built the game to be a somewhat mod friendly in terms of adding new items/locations/creature types, although any more substantial changes would require editing the source code (which you are free to do, it's up on github). An opposite alignment version might be more difficult than it seems because there are a lot of hard-coded assumptions of Liberal-ness for the player.

I do not have any major updates planned (new features, etc.) but I am still doing bug fixes when something comes up.

Modding is sort of halfway supported at the moment. There is no nice interface for it, and the amount you can do without digging into the code is very limited, but all the data files are in XML in the LCS_Data/StreamingAssets folder. Replacing/editing any of these will modify the game content, although changing anything related to world generation requires starting a new game for the changes to be picked up.

That seems pretty doable, I can set it up so that if you shift + click an item stack it will move the whole thing to the sell window. I'll add a similar thing to the base inventory screen when doing base transfer orders.

Unfortunately translation is something that requires altering the source code - it's a thing I'd like to make easier to do eventually but hasn't been something I've gotten around to yet. The project files are available to be modified if you want to take a crack at it but it would likely be fairly difficult because the text is spread throughout the code rather than collected in one centralized location.

Disguise does require a successful roll to gain experience, so it's hard to build up from scratch; it's usually easier to have people train it solo or in small groups, because each person has to make an independent check and if anyone fails, your entire squad's cover is blown and nobody gets experience. All you need to do to do a disguise check is just run into a group and try to walk away from them - it's automatic. Bluffing is only available if your cover has already been blown. You can also raise disguise by sending people to learn theatre at the university, or have someone who already has a few points in the skill teach infiltration.

Which hotkeys did you feel weren't working? I tried to match as close to the original as I could, although the dramatic UI changes meant that in some cases it just didn't work.

On mac the location is in the Library folder, so it would be /Users/(your user)/Library/Application Support/Lazy Dog Software/LCS

Ah, I can see why this is happening, it will need a fix. The system defaults to spreading out recruits under the person who recruited them but I never quite anticipated one person would recruit this many. In the meantime, you can bring them back to a sane position by going into the save file (which is found in C:/Users/(your username)/AppData/LocalLow/Lazy Dog Software/LCS) and looking for the <Liberal> entry under the person in question. There are two values there, <managerPosX> and <managerPosY>. If you set <managerPosX> to 1, it will bring it back to the middle of the screen.

It's dependent on the legal status of Free Speech, so you're probably just noticing it at the same time as you get raided - it won't show up unless Free Speech is at Archconservative.

Can you post a copy of your output_log.txt (you can find it in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Dog Software\LCS) to pastebin so I can see the error message you're getting? I can't reproduce this on my machine. If you can post your save file (found in the same folder) that would also be helpful.

I can do a Linux build through Unity but I won't be able to test it so I'm not sure how it'll work. I don't use any windows specific APIs so it should be fine. I'll upload it with the next build.

So apparently I can't edit devlogs after posting them, and of course immediately after I posted it I just remembered another missing feature:

  • Safe house raids from non-police