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The Bubble E1

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Is there multiple endings? I keep trying to figure it out. The game seems a bit long and I keep eventually failing or having to leave the game.

Hey! I love this game, but there's this weird bug that keeps me from being able to sacrifice the right person (or let's me pick a person not on the table to sacrifice instead). After some experimenting I figured out what it is. I also have footage of it if you'd like to see what happens.

The "So you think you can avoid the dagger of ******" bug

  • Allows me to kill any celled person regardless of who I choose
  • Gives me points regardless of the person dead
  • Allows me to put a child on the altar and kill an old person in their cell
  • Pops up sometimes at random
  • Messes with my score
  • Once the first half starts, I can't end the bug until I go through with it.

If I pick a person to sacrifice, say person A (with person B and person C being the other two options), wait for them to lay on the table, and then click Q or E the bug is triggered.  Sometimes, however, the bug just happens. I can't control who I want to kill until I kill one wrong person.

If I move so A is off screen, (soft load issue?) A will turn grey when I walk back to them.  If I move back to where the cell is, B and C will be selectable. One will be grey the other will be colored. If I click R while B or C is colored they will be sacrificed instead of A, with blood coming out of them as if they were the one on the table. Let's say I pick B next. The counter changes as if this person was the person on the table and I get the points for killing correctly or incorrectly. When I hit the lever, B disappears and A is still on the table.

A and C are considered still alive. If I walk back and forth between them I can see that they're switching between grey and colored. If I click R while A is colored, the bug is over and the game acts like normal. If I click while A is grey (and therefore C is colored), then C dies (with blood and everything on them). Pulling the lever causes C to disappear. At this point I can kill A normally.

At any point during this bug, after I've killed one person I can leave the room.

The "multiple people at once" bug

  • Causes some... Interesting game play bugs
  • Let's me change who I want to sacrifice
  • Allows me to sacrifice multiple people quicker than normal
  • Isn't as enventul or complicated as the first

Say I again want to sacrifice A. Well, if I wait till A is escorted to the altar, and then click the space bar again, whoever was "second" walks up to the altar.  Say it's B. After that, if I click space again, C lays down on the altar. This one isn't as eventful, but it allows me to sacrifice C, then B, then A while they're all laying on top of each other. Then I just click the lever in between and it's over. The bug doesn't end until at least person B is dead, but I can leave at any time afterwords.

The "Last minute murder" bug

  • Oops, forgot to kill little Timmy.
  • Allows me to pick another person to murder while leaving the room.
  • Gives me extra points at the end

Mix between the first two bugs, I can press space, get timmy on the table,  and while he's being escorted I can trigger the "****** is sated" conversation with the gaurd. He's usually far away from the altar, but when he moves the person to the table he's near by. Then it's just a thing o timing to grab the knife and click R.

Hope this helps you! I love this game, seriously it's great. Also, thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to keep my precious fire pot through everything. Family, friends, all that is nothing compared to ****** and my precious fire pot xD

- Maya

Don't worry! There aren't numerous bugs! I've only found file and audio bugs with the clown game. The game was very well made, this one bug just required me to reset the game enough times that it added onto the time it took me to record (I record bugs and bug fixing as well as game play incase a dev needs it)

- Maya

Hey TuomoL! God that game gave me a time rush (or should I say gods, or demigods?)!

I found an odd audio and file bug. It's not game breaking, and I finished my play (PLEASE MAKE MORE!) but I wanted to let you know about it!

The game would keep telling me that it was experiencing a bug and couldn't play the audio for the music in the game. The only time these bugs popped up was after playing the clown game. It only seemed to happen if I beat the game, so I assume it's something to do with the item I would have received for winning. Restarting the game fixed the issue, but put me behind where I was, so saving became an important task. I never got the item. Instead, I finished the game without it.

Since it's said that the clown item changes (or suggested, maybe I'm misunderstanding what the person said, avoiding spoilers) I'll say from what I saw, it's a time passed item I would have received after the 30 minutes marker (I was around 25 minutes to game over) in the evening in the game. I recorded my game play, bug and all, so when I'm done editing, I'll include it!

Amazing game! Sorry, I need to praise it again!

Seriously, make more! I need to see what happens next! The concept you included at the end for a part two or an add on to the game was brilliant! I would play that game, no doubt!

- Maya


Best time crunch game I've played in a while.


The 7 is because the game didn't give the player varieties of evidence. Though the game was very well made, I had to assume who was guilty based off the amount of evidence as well as the incredible lack of evidence for others. Only two suspects and a third that is never discussed. The game also subtly tells the player which evidence is good, which is not, which is evidence towards the actual criminal and which is towards an innocent. There are literally only a handful of pieces of evidence to find, though there maybe more that I didn't see in my gameplay.

There is however, heart throbbing moments and a very well made puzzle in a smooth, well made game with a good plot. If there was more evidence, more paths to pursue, more suspects, or more plot twists/dead ends, I would rate this game a solid 9. There are bugs that require game resets and there are few issues with the plot that keep me from giving a 10.

This is a very good game! PLEASE make more!


I know, it stumped me at first really well. I thought I had to search around for a number, but they never give you a "number." I know a bit of a hint, but I don't want you walking around looking for a number that doesn't exist! There are clues, hints, but there isn't anything solid like most games where they give you the number on a found slip of paper or a character tells you it. The answer is there, but you need to think! That's one thing I loved about this game! It had me thinking the whole time in a subtle way that felt like a realistic mystery.

I recorded my game play of this game, and I'll upload it when I'm done editing it (my audio was an hour long, mostly because bugs had me exiting and restarting the game). This game is pretty good! I loved it. When you figure it out, you'll see what I mean!

Good luck!

- Maya

Wow! This game surpassed my expectations! My compliments to the Dev!

A baby detective game? You had me laughing the whole time! At the end I was searching for more chapters. Please make more, or at least keep making amazing games!

Would recommend! Follow this guy!

I'm glad you were able to fix it! I'll record the gameplay later today!

- Maya

EDIT: The Youtube link was't working, so I tried adding it again. I left a link of the issues above.

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No problem.

The problem seems to be with everything except the menu selection and the back arrow.  Here's a quick show of the bugged game play. I went back and clicked on everything. You see that it seems the game is registering my clicks too far up and to the left, meaning if I want to select something, I need to click down and to the right of what I want to select. This makes selecting items in the inventory impossible. My screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 (the recommended resolution for my computer). It's a pretty new computer, and it doesn't have issues with other games (I pulled up a few other games to test it out).

I love this game concept. I hope this helps!

The mouse cursor and the selection box aren't aligned. I opened the game back up. This is too good a game to not give another shot. I think this is what the problem is.

- Maya

Hey! Opened up the game, and I have to say it looks amazing but there seems to be something up with the inventory and things don't always get picked up unless you click somewhere else on screen? As in, you can't click on an item directly and pick it up, you have to pick it up in an odd maneuver of clicking around it till it let's you pick it up.

Is this  a bug?

I love this game so far, and I've tried recording it twice already because this game looks amazing! Please let me know what's up!

- Maya

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My. God. This. Game.

This game hits you where you least expect it. The purposeful glitching screen and distorted music sent shivers down my spine! As for the blue haired girl, I'm so glad you drew her the way you did! She's terrifying and yet you just want to talk to her!


I need to know what happened before that transformed Anika from the sweet girl she was to the Stalking-almost-yandere-ghost she became!!!

I'd give this game 5 stars and near constant screams.

The atmosphere alone made this game one to remember.