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The 3rd Runner

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Hey mate, just got done playing a couple runs so i thought i'd give some feedback and point out some bugs ^^!


For a 2-week game jam type of game, it's all and all pretty good, my only real gripes are the default sleigh controls (why X & Y inverted?) and the occasional RNG kick in the nuts of having no chimneys spawn at all, which more often than not means your run's over. To counter that i'd advise either more time in general (i know that if you go back to your sleigh quickly you get more time in the following level, but still) or "time extension checkpoints (they're not really checkpoint, but you know what i'm saying) outside of indoors sections, to make chimney-less runs more viable.

Outside of that and the bugs listed below, i really gotta say: nice job, mate.

/// BUGS ///

-  Score, bridge and Jolly Meter will not reset after completing a run unless you quit the game.

-  "Back to sleigh" button won't work after completing a run and going back to the launch pad unless you quit the game.

-  The bridge's cogs have a hitbox that extends well over their height, causing your aerial movement to halt and the camera to spin uncontrollably. 

- Blocks of indoors sections will sometimes generate clipping into eachother, causing all sorts of physics bugs.

- Both cabins in the North Pole level  can be clipped through (although one has a hidden tree in it so maybe it's intentional.