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I rated your game! My game:

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Rated yours! My game:

Yeah, the art style I went for was based off of SNKRX and kindanice. Thanks for playing!

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Super clean and polished rhythm game. The difficulty was perfect, and the story is interesting. Great use of the theme too, good game!

Nice use of the theme and pretty cool pixel art. Well done!



rated! my game is

Wow so many people thought to use elements.

🤣 I love the name!

Oh wow I seriously love your art style! I will definitely try to get my friends to play with me. Again, awesome work!

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What an amazing entry!! The isometric art style, the emotional music, and the well-designed bosses are really what makes this game shine. I especially like how in the first boss, the background turns black for one attack. The story is also extremely captivating, and seems like a sequel to TRYH4RD (maybe?). While on the topic of story, the dialogue system was also executed perfectly with flavor text and screen shake to spice up the conversations.

One small nitpick I have however is how you could’ve utilized the theme more. Right now, I feel like the winning strategy is to just spam the attack button so that the homing magic bullets just hit the boss without you ever even needing to get close to it. Maybe instead of exchanging weapons every 3 times you press the button, it could be every 3 times you hit the boss with that weapon?

All in all, amazing work and can’t wait to see what you make next time! (I loved TRYH4RD btw)

Cool use of theme, but as for the boss designs… I think it’s a little too similar to last years 2nd place. But nevermind that. I like the background you have in the boss fights (shaders?) as well as the cool music. Another thing I noticed was that the direction you aim seems to be a little off. But overall, nice job!

Ooh! I love the hand-drawn art style. The story was hilarious and the use of the theme was pretty smart. I would’ve liked to see a little more variety in the bosses and a little more use of the theme but other than that, well done!

Hehe I had the same idea with elements. :)

Wow, such a unique take on the theme!

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OMG I love the art style and limited color palette! Oh and the creepy font too… Great job!

Wow! I absolutely adore the art. Big ups to Polyducks and the rest of the artists! The controls were responsive, the music was a banger and the theme interpretation was super interesting. If I REALLY had to pick out something that I think could be improved, it would be the length. It could be because I was just playing with myself, but the bosses had a ton of health. Maybe decrease the boss health a bit (but then again, I wasn’t playing with anyone else). Other than that small nitpick, wow what an amazing game, awesome work guys!

done :)

I love the 4th wall breaking storyline! This game has very smooth UI, and pretty juicy abilities. One thing I think could be improved is the dialogue speed. The dialogue speed is a little slow, and it would improve the user experience a lot by adding some kind of skip dialogue button or even just making the dialogue type faster. Overall, this is such an unique take on the theme, and I like it a lot! Good job!

This is a well-polished game! I like how the bosses have multiple attacks, and the map is very well built. I especially like the knight boss and his jump attack. Some things I would suggest is to add sound/music, because it would improve the entire experience.

Hmm… Not sure how to attack the boss…

Super juicy sound effects!! The sword fighting mechanic is very fun, and very satisfying when you get a combo. A small nitpick I have is that the game is sometimes a little bit too difficult. Some things you could do to make the game a bit more forgiving is making the anticipation frames of the enemy animations longer, and maybe adding some kind of obvious indicator that an attack is impending. Other than the difficulty, great job, this was really fun!

One of the best interpretations of the theme I’ve seen in this jam! The controls are very innovative and strategic, and the art is just SO GOOD. I think some improvements could be made on the bosses to make them just a little bit less repetitive, but other than that, awesome job!

I love the limited color palette and the wide range of upgrades, but one thing that would make the game more interesting is working more on the boss attacks. Maybe you could have bigger bullets, or maybe even a laser attack. But overall, the game is pretty fun. Good job!

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I love how you made the two characters have two contrasting colors, it really gives the game a unique style.

I love the retro art style!

They released the source code for one of their games, Fair Squares.


There is actually a practice mode at the start of the screen where you can see all levels and fastest times, but I haven’t yet added a way to actually get there if you’re in the middle of the game. Thanks for playing!

Yeah haha I actually submitted 2 minutes late, so I only got the game in jam a day later. Thanks for the feedback!

My build was only published 2 minutes late.

Ya same, Unity took too long to build!

Thanks for playing! Yeah we had issues with lag as we didn’t cap the maximum amount of enemies, so it tends to lag later in the game.

Thanks for the amazing feedback! I have fixed the problem with the upgrade grace period by making it so you must press space to select the upgrade. But I can’t upload to itch yet since the jam is in voting period. Will upload new build after the jam!

Thanks for playing the game! We had problems with building the game at the right resolution, so you have to set the game page size to 100%. Hope that helps!

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Hey! Me and @poggestfrog made a small little game in 10 days for Bullet Hell Jam 2023, and here it is!

And here are some screenshots:

Feel free to post feedback and highscores in the comment section!