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Pretty Accurate.

Good Game, I started to have issues with the game though so I couldn't finish it.  Something I had done has caused the camera not to transition to the fighting part of the game, leaving me in an infinite loop of invisible enemies attacking my wall and workers that lag.

Thankyou, yeah it is the difficult of having to prepare the wave systems and balancing of upgrades and units. It may not be perfect but it's a TD for sure.

Yeah, I should have had something to check for repetitive upgrades and made it clear that the gold is the purchase system and used something better than just saying "+ Daemon dmg". Thanks for the feed back.  :)

I tried to make it that you would learn the instructions for yourself (But I'll add some instructions below), with some time for the player to learn where there is no rush that is until you get into the game and trying to stop the pigs.  Thank you.