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It looks like the game generates events randomly cause I played twice and it was completely different... Loved it <3 

Great job, guys! Loved how this game has a good balance of Story and Horror. Can't wait for the next chapter! 

Another amazing game from Max Horror! As always, sound design is on 100% . Got me some real horror time here :) Can't wait to play more of your stuff! 

Santa is not playing in this game and I like it! 

I was a bit confused by the ending but over all, it's a great idea for a horror game! Can't wait for the full version! 

This game is SO cool! It's like I'm a child again and watching The Tales From The Crypt for the very first time. Thank you so much for a good nostalgic moment!! 

I looooove Max Horror's yt channel and so no wonder this game is amazing as well! Good job and I can't wait for more games from you! 

Pretty intriguing demo! Can't wait for the full game. 

Loved the game! So creepy, could you imagine being in this abandoned house in real life omg 

I loved how you can read texts from the father. So sad.  Short but fun experience! 

This saiko will make me psycho.  The game is soooo hard but i love it!

Played this game today and I was pleasantly surprised how good it is! Keep up the good work and let's see the final version! 

We played this game on stream and it was glitching and lagging all the time. It looked like a nice one with a promising concept and jump scares, but we just couldn't do anything getting constant bugs. Starts at 1:32:38

This game looked so exciting but it was SO hard. We played it on stream and stil.... Starts at 1:11:50.. 

OMG! I loved absolutely everything about this game. I want MORE from you. And oh boy I did not expect THIS APP. Such a real-life experience plot. It starts at 1:04:35 

It's cinematic and soooo good! Played it on stream and we really enjoyed it. It starts at 47:05

Played this game on stream and it's pretty cool. Spooky and you never know what to expect. It starts at 35:55

Played this game on stream and it was so much fun! I loved the monster haha Also, we checked all the endings. It starts at 21:25

Played it on Stream and it was very cool experience. I love how it kinda reminded me of Papers Please. It starts at 5:50

That was scary and challenging! 

That's amazing how many locations this game has. The nun is pretty creepy. The only thing is that I found it a little confusing sometimes to interact with objects. A pretty good experience tho!

Took me a while to figure out what I should take picture of, but it was a nice experience. 
Starts @ 1:28:15

I was expecting a bit more jump scares, but overall it was a nice short experience. Especially the guy behind the door.... Starts @ 2:15:30

I was screaming for two reasons: 1) a very creepy monster. 2) Max Caulfield (if you know what I mean).
Loved the game (but it took me forever to find out the code at the end) 
Starts @ 1:41:50

Honestly, it was confusing and it's very hard to understand what to do... Plus you cant use flashlight w something else. So it's kinda not fun to walk around in complete darkness... But other than that it was an interesting experience cause I never played Phasmophobia.... Starts @ 1:07:54

K, I need a full version cause it was SOO good. Can't wait. 
Starts @ 39:55. Had to restart it a couple times tho cause when i press ESC the game freezes...

The Visuals! The sound design! Omg! So good. I wanna see more! 
It's the second game of the stream and starts @ 29:50

This game is soo good! Very nice jump scares and storyline! Wanna see more from you!
It's the first game of the stream and it starts @ 9:20

I really liked the game! Reminded me of the Paranormal Activity move... The way they build tension.. oh my god, soo good! Can't wait for the next episode.

It was a pretty good experience, reminded me of Broken Porcelain. 
I'd add more scary moments tho.

Loooved the visuals and the pace. Did it on stream and it was pretty fun! It's the last game and it starts @ 2:13:50

Did this game on a stream and it was pretty fun. Loved the minimap and yeah, it's still hard to collect all the pictures! It's the 6th game and it starts @ 1:56:30

I loooooved the Blair Witch vibes! I loved how there's some kind of a story and it's really spooky. I did this game on stream and everybody liked it. It's the 5th game, starts @ 1:40:29

Did this game on a stream, and oh my! it was THE BEST. I really want to see more from you, cause wow it's scary AF but it doesn't have cheap jumpscares. Thanks for the experience! It's the 4th game and starts @ 1:15:00

Did it on stream and it was soooo much fun! The monsters are cringe and sooo scary haha. Some jumpscares got me soooo bad. Thanks for this spoooooky experience! It's the third game and starts @ 47:50

That was fun to play! Did it on stream and it had some pretty good jumpscares! I only wished it'd end more horrific haha It's the second game and starts at 26:00

Such a great game! This maniac looks sooo scary but also strangely alluring lol Did this game on live stream and everybody loved it! Wanna see more *_* P.S. the game starts at 6:00

I loved this game sooo much. This voice recognition adds to the atmosphere and the building tension! A very, very nice job. The only thing is that I agree the creature might be a bit too cringe. Still a great game tho!

First time in a while playing a horror game... It was soooo scary! I was literally sweaty after finishing lol Very good job, Max! Also, love your channel! 

New channel - new gameplay vid <3 
So cool how the game starts soo quiet and calm... and then it's crazeeey. Very nice pace and intriguing story. I'd really love to see more!