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I had so much fun playing this game... The only thing is that it's kinda hard to beat cause it took me almost an hour figuring out all the combinations. I'd do it easier to make this game even a better experience. 

I liked it how the game has these secrets you have to find, so it makes you wanna replay it after the first run! I think I'd add just a couple more jump scares to make it even better. As someone mentioned below, a story is a bit confusing... but overall, it's a nice short game! Thanks! 

OMG! I can't wait for the full version! Amazing visuals and it's really creepy! Such a great job. Counting days till the release of the full version! 

That was such a great game! I would really love to see what's gonna happen next. Very interesting world and the idea. 

I think it was my first Slender game. I was pleasantly surprised how good the visual part is. It felt very well done! Slender is creepy, but at the end of my vid he decided to be my friend. That was unexpected, but fun! Just a little suggestion: I know it's a "find the notes" type of a game, but maybe add some additional jump scares/gameplay elements, or just make it a bit easier to find the notes, cause for me it was a little bit too long. Thanks for a quality product!!! 

My second attempt to beat version 2.0! So much fun! I love it how you can discover all the new moves and behavior styles as you replay the game! Can't wait for the next update!

As I already said in the main thread - the game is a MASTERPIECE. Nothing else to add. 

If you give me only one word to describe this Horror Games Compilation it'd be "MASTERPIECE". And I really mean it. I can't even decide which one is my fav. Although Veinless Property was extremely fun, stylish and creepy, Maybe another Life brought me to another level of Horror. No scare jumps just a real pure primal fear. It is such a great job! THANK YOU very much for this experience and I can't wait to see more from you, guys. So talented! 
P.S. 4D Horror is included in the video lol Even though it took me forever to figure it out (even with your hints). 

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I was so pleasantly surprised how good this game is! And it's not just good it's REALLY GREAT! Had so much fun playing it. It has everything - nice visuals, storyline, spooky element, humor. Thank you, guy! Looking for more stuff from you! 
P.S. Just one thing - as mentioned above, choco is not spawning + they killed me and still waited at the respawn point, so I had to restart the game. Other than that, everything is extremely great! 

Well, I gotta say I LOVE your games. This one is no exception. Creepy atmosphere and nice visuals! It was breathtaking, I could barely speak lol 

Yeah, I agree, it's kinda confusing. I liked the way the main character "remembers" stuff and everything... but at the end, what was it all about? Nice game design tho, I felt cold :) It's the first game in my vid. 

I didn't really get what was happening... Maybe it's just me haha It looked creepy tho. It starts at 9:35 

The game is kinda hard cause flashlight dies super fast and it's almost impossible to see anything without it... But it's cool that it's not a regular horror and you added some humor to it. It's the third game in the vid... starts at 14:52

So it looks like there's no way to safe Christmas, huh? Any way, it's a short fun game. Merry Christmas! P.S. Made a spooky Christmas games compilation - this game is the second one, it starts at 13:22).

Always wanted to meet Santa... but not THIS Serial Santa... He *almost* ruined my Christmas! Lol! P.S. Made a spooky Christmas games compilation - this game is the last one, it starts at 15:20). Merry Christmas! 

A fun short game! That snowman went maaad! haha! Merry Christmas! P.S. If you wanna check the vid, this game is the first one. 

Visuals are so good in this game! And it's a pretty interesting storyline... so I'm def waiting for the full version! 

Alpha 2.0 is AMAZING! Love this two personalities upgrade. Nice school re-design. Also I can't wait to see the two skins from the menu. 
It's still very hard to beat, tho... Or it's just me haha. 

Loved the visuals and the storyline! And it's really cool that you recreated the village life. 

Omg! This one was really fun and exciting to play. I love it how you guys mix humor + scary stuff - it makes the game so unique. Keep going! 

omg Max Horror. I love you.  lol

So this game almost drove me insane. Haha. Loved the game design, the idea and atmosphere... but sometimes it's way too hard. Good job tho, I'd like to see more stuff from you guys. P.s. Just uploaded the vid... so it's gonna take some time for youtube to process HD. 

So CREEPY! So much FUN! I NEED more! Haha. What's the deal with the notes tho? Are you going to do more stuff like this one? 

Man, this game is CRAZY! It’s so scary I think I have to take a vacation now lol creepiest 40 mins of my life!!! 

Will be waiting for the next chapters!! Thank you! 

Go back to the calculator and enter the combo.

Hey! It was a really great game! I loved first/third person cam switches. Keeps you in that suspense. Also the design of the monster is very cool and interesting. I wanna see more! P.S. it was SCARY! 

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This game left me speechless!!! It is so much fun! It really feels like a good old adventure game like Harry Potter... I really hope you guys gonna do more and we'll be able to enjoy it again. Sometime it's  a lil bit hard and confusing (my original playtime was 1 hour), but other than that it's a VERY GOOD JOB! I'm a fan! WE NEED MORE! 

Great job! It was starting so calm and relaxing... and then BOOM! Haha! I wanna see more! 

It was interesting and fun, but I think you should add control instructions at the beginning... I only figured out how to move objects now, while writing this review... Good job anyways! Thank you! 

Looooved the visuals! I can't wait for the full game. It's scary but not stupid scary and that's good. Good job, man!  

It was a great and exciting experience! This train got me like OMG. This feeling when you know something is coming, but you have no power to change anything... ughhh.... Good job! 

It's around 1:10-1:40, depends on how fast you solve puzzles. 

it's like 5 min

So much fun! I only wished it'd have more storyline! But great job anyways! 

I loved the game! It's insane for a game that's THIS GOOD to be FREE! You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep rocking! Can't wait to see more. 

Absolutely loved it! It is not what it seems to be! haha! If you watch my vid till the end you'll understand what I'm talking about... Good good job! Wanna see more from you, guys. 

Such a great game! A bit of melancholy that reminds you of important things. Btw I just texted my mom (she's in Russia) right before I started recording the video. Love the message of the game. Good job, guys! 

This game was fun! Loved Friday the 13th, ANOES references. Good job! Also Jason got meeeee like oomg! Check the video! 

You have your own unique style and it's amazing! I loved the game and I wanna see more! Nice visuals, story telling and element of horror!