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For what you have so far, pretty good. Very engaging and for the most part it's a good read - obviously the grammar/coding stuff needs a little work, but I like it a lot. I liked it so much, when I got the puppy, I named it Frog for that extra agony.

It's beautiful wtf-

I really liked this; writing is good although there are numerous grammatical errors. I recommend getting a proofreader/editor, or just double/triple checking your writing. But seriously it's pretty good.

Let me tell you I was about to throw my mouse when I reached the end. I didn't want it to end. Quick note on spelling/grammar, numerous times the word "settling" was used instead of "setting."

gUH- you get me super immersed and then end it right there-

But side note, noticed this near the end of chapter two.

Mmm, look at thoes skillz


I do not cry easily. But let me tell you the duration of my imprisonment, and the end, I was ready to burst into tears at any moment. At first because of our Master's death, I truly grew attached to him, so very greatly. And then because my hope for ever making through it deceased so greatly. I got so damn surprised I got life in prison instead of straight up death. So now I'm gonna go fantasize that after who knows how long the real culprit was found and I was freed.

Fuck this man, it was good but it hurt me. T~T

This game is good. Too good.

Damn, most realistic game I've ever played

Personally I don't understand why she wanted them gone, but that's just coming from someone who'd kill to have some. Very good, got me feeling emotions.

I think I just befriended an entire cult on the first try, 10/10 would do again ^^

I lived! I shall see another day! Away from the wretched King and with my Jupiter and Diego! The mass amount of relief I felt whilst getting away was amazing.