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if shimeji won't work on my computer will this?

no key :(

does it port to analogue?

Will it ever be available for the quest and will there ever be a proper movement ?

I suggest you morph games! Borrowing buddies account its techno from american gods the play i act for the...long story. just remake 2d games here with what you got and you can do anything! coders are great in africa. we're studying together. its my first tool aka a computer. i loved his tutorials i didnt even know! i promise ill put mermaids vs zombies when you got the memory nececary! -game maker oron from braincake productions we just sold our company to a shark! so its disbaledn cus of ameriaan shit. but we love what your doing. take care! -braincake!

i love this techno told me how cool game maker studio could be for game boy! You know you know!? haha anyways take care i hope it gets that decimal so it can do threedee! :)


both line and shimeji allow for official selling of icons/emotes. I would pay for it? I love the idea? Or will there be backgrounds or something? Any other kind of digital goods and merhc and stuff? I really really love this game I'm even working on a cosplay of Sherrlock Cohen, :)

Hello! My name is Adam Snowflake. I'm working on an idea for a chat app similar to line or skype or discord called "Dmii". I just need the base code done and would prefer to pay by the code, it's a mix of different chat apps with built in censors, sticker/emoji market, servers/chatroom ,pluralkits and more. I am looking to commission the code bit by bit overtime and I'm looking for someone to send me their prices and pay accordingly. If interested please email me at hope to hear from you soon, please send a resume with similar or knowledge or projects this will be done in python. Thanks!

thanks so much

Now that you're associated officially with the analogue pocket which can hold more, and do more then the original gameboy do you plan on making a gbstudio3 with more options or updating the current one? I really love this software but its' kinda limited here and there, and I'm afraid to make games on it do to the restraints that don't really make sense for the pocket? It's the only software out there for it, and the pocket cna do more than it allows. For example I can't really see anyone making anything close to pokemon or mariocart on this, but the pocket could defiantly run it, and this is the only software out there for the pocket!?

/gen /nm


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New problem!

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I know, shimejis just a popular application that also does this as well!

And I also have this issue on all of the versions! Thanks so much for responding I honestly didn't expect anything back. ^^;

I have tried to download it several times but it always just results in like a blank page icon that shows its not something I have installed that would work? I have shimeji but it's not seeming to work.

Its like that pokemon photo minigame but for people who dont like pokemon! Cute and cool! Will be buying....EVENTUALLY!

ah okay! I don't know if theirs any ports you could get, but it has a pretty simple and easy to use editor. Good job on the game it looks fantastic!

If you want, you can also add the unwatermarked version for download here and just have it as an extra charge! I do that all the time with my files. :)

would you consider releasing this for the analogue pocket?

Made a cosplay tutorial for Yukari! :) Plan on cosplaying her soon!

Love this game. Unfortunately my phone has no memory and I saw that monster girl Maker 2 was on the app store. Can't download that unfortunately but this maker 1 is pretty nifty and I highly recommend!

wish i could turn off the music but otherwise wonderful.