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I plan to add more movement to the lateral attacks, and increase the movement speeds overall. If the left/right only attacks still feel limiting I'll see about adding some kind of eight way attacks and movement. Thanks for the feedback!

Had some issues with menus navigation not feeling responsive. Customization options are a nice touch! It wasn't intuitive at first that I had to assign mutators but that system seems pretty neat. Froghawk room feels weird allowing you to jump off the platform just outside the pump room door into the water, but then you can't jump back up. You can abuse the dodge button against the turret enemies because they loose all their charge the moment you dodge, if it cost more to initialize the dodge then dodge spam would be a less viable strategy. Fantastic work all in all!

The tutorial does a great job or covering all the movements and powerups! All the shooting is great and the explosions and effects looks and sound good! Nice work!

The available controls are sort of strange, sometimes when moving the mouse the cursor could leave the window and sometimes it couldn't. I could use left control or left mouse button to attack. If there is some sort of interaction with the orbs that spawn when an enemy dies it wasn't obvious to me, I think I gained some health back? Otherwise, the animations are good, and the effects when the club guys are swinging the clubs about look good too. The dungeon spawning is pretty neat! I look forward to seeing what more you do with this!

The presentation and all the movement feel crisp and responsive, I'm not that good at platformers but I managed to get all the way through. I didn't realize that I would stay stuck to the checkpoint thing until I pressed down. Not really sure what the context of the Hello message is supposed to be. I did find my way through the glass to the worm fight, though. I liked that you kept your progress of environment elements (knocked down walls, shield disabled) through the checkpoint, but the pace the boss attacks and with so little health it was very challenging to get shots in/ charge up the jump to knock down the shield. All in all, it feels fun, looks pretty good, and sounds nice, I'd like to play a longer more involved level of this.

I really like the weight the attacks have, and knocking the enemies about feels really fun! I sort of wish that the enemies would commit to the direction they are facing when they initiate an attack, a few times I'd see an enemy about to attack, I'd dodge or jump over them and they would switch to face me just as the attack comes out. Sounds are great too! Nice job!

I like what you've got so far! Some text about which keys do what would have been helpful, I did find that 'Q' activated slow. on level transitions if you have more than 5000 slow it sets it back to 5000. And if you activate slow just before a new wave loads you will start that new wave with infinite slow, and it may have also crashed it. I might also suggest making the enemy shots look a bit bigger or remove the green stars from the background, there were a few times it was hard to tell if a green dot was dangerous or not. Sounds are spot on though!

Really well done with the music, played for about 15 minutes across a few runs and never really noticed it get repetitive or boring. And the lighting effects from the stage lights looks good too. I never got the feeling that dancing with or around anyone made a difference in how many people were affected, and I sort of expected the full heart people to dance on their own when I walked away. But overall it's a fun, nice experience. Nice job!

Nice job! I had trouble seeing the first door the you need to go through as a door, maybe it needs a handle on the door sprite. Playing it a second though, it's very obviously a door with the lantern and doorframe.