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when designing the audio for the game. my headphones were a bit loud. I didn't realize until after the jam just how quiet the audio actually was. 

really unique mechanic and game!

honestly the only thing you are missing is sound effects. this game is INCREDIBLE. the amount of polish is insane

I love the idea here but I could not figure out the rewind part. i pressed Q to rewind box but nothing really happened. The art is really cute though and I like the simple puzzle idea!

definitely could use a tutorial. really cool though!

very unique. the sounds are pleasing and somewhat creepy! I love it

really simple and clever platformer. i love the effects!

really nice art and gameplay. gonna come back to this one!

i really like the graphics. good work!

what an intense game good work! 

this is really really awesome seeing another game with similar ideas! good work. I really love how you have to actually listen for code words and submit the hidden phrases. definitely coming back to this one!

I really like the mechanic but I don't really know why to use it over just regular shooting. the art is fantastic as well as the atmosphere the game gives off. good job!

really awesome mechanic!!

clicking on the hero was a little weird. I had to move my mouse off of him and back onto him to click again. but the art is really cool!

fun arcade game!

really awesome art style!

yah low volume was a big complaint I have had. Haha after the jam I’m gonna go back fix my bugs and be done with it

this is awesome perhaps you would enjoy my game which is also about a detective!

Thank you!

thank you for your feedback! you have to play the tapes using the spacebar (hold it) and find the clues to place them in order in the next screen! 

interesting game

its a little too hard starting off. but this game has alot going for it!

I like the stealth aspect! and the dog is so cute!

i cant get the game to work :( says failed to load mono. it is probably on my end 

Very cool idea. its like a action tower defense!

I could see this mechanic in a zelda like game. Great work!

I really like the pixelated 3D vibe! if it had a bit more clarity and a tiny bit more direction this game could be fantastic. I love it and cant wait to see you improve 

i made the devil mad whoops haha. very fun challenging game

really cool mechanic. it can be a bit chaotic but I love it

so cute!!!

very interesting concept

really love the mechanic and I can feel the geometry dash from this big fan!!

you are very correct :) detective slick is his name

This is really cool! the art is fantastic. the camera is a little crazy but overall awesome work

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I like how instead of a game over it plays in reverse until you hit the notes again. Pretty relaxing experience!

if anyone wants to try mine feel free too!

love the art! pretty good game. 

really unique , took me a minute to understand but I could see this being a full game :) good work