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lmao I was just doing this in script 8 too

funny thing tho

Heyyy it's Nerdy Teachers! Thanks, I actually planned most of these things in the spot haha

Whenever you get a Playtris or an All-Clear (or a T-Spin in the next update- whoops leak), the thing that appears at the bottom-left corner is the sash.

Well, the biggest highscore you got shows after you lose, over in the "Highscore" thing at the corner. But yeah, I might have to make a kind of Game Over screen...

Just realized, the main.lua file is already 1200+ lines long, I need to split it up already xd

are you okay

god, how did you make this with pulp, it looks awesome just from the screenshots

damn this is a really epic game

Thanks for making a video on the game! And also thank god you didn't play 1.5 😅

Yeah, I know, will be fixed on 1.6.

Yeah, been reported of that in Discord. I'll remove the BGM for now, I think that might be the issue.

I didn't do it in this version cuz idk what pattern to add 💀

Thank you too for playing it!


And if I do I'll also remove the shake crossmark, since you can now slide the slider (redundancy) to 0 to completely deactivate shake

And thanks to you for playing it! For the screen shake reduction idea I might have to add a new menu item type, "slider"

Already programmed in :)


Damn, no problem! Thanks to you for playing my game!

lmao this is too funny

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I actually ended up changing it completely lmao

It's not really that much work, heck it's just a matter of changing two if statements' conditions! But yeah, I do need to explain it.

One of the combo sounds didn't seem to load properly. It can't be my problem since i doublechecked that the directories and the files exist and they all do.

Yeah I also saw... Thank god I didn't miss anything.

Heyo? Can you send me the error that appeared so i might be able to fix it? Also as far as I am aware you should not mess up with the buildNumber field, as the sdk docs say:

eñe 😎

Oh, okay then

also hi frosted-flakes

Thanks! Also dang, sideloading games from iPhone?? I thought you could only sideload on PC! Again, can't confirm that cause I don't have a Playdate...

And thank you so much for playing it! You know, I've never expected this game to be this known, I didn't even mean to release it as a full game, but now that I did I'm getting a lot of good feedback. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

Also, yes, I got asked for the ghost piece feature already, will implement, if I had a penny for every time I missed a hole XD

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Yeah, you can toggle the shake in the system menu.

And for the original Game Boy Tetris song, I'm not sure, don't wanna get a C&D from The Tetris Company /j

Thanks! Using the crank to rotate the pieces will be easy to program. And an effect for when a line is destroyed shouldn't be that hard right? And for the music, don't worry, I can make some myself, I've made music before.

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Please note that the game now looks different than the version you downloaded, I changed the ending sequence for something different since i was also reported that it lagged the console too much.

Okay, fixed. Apparently I forgot to put in the name, author, description and version of the game in the pdxinfo file, since I've been told in the Playdate Squad server that you need those fields for the Playdate website to make sense of your game. I added them already, try downloading the game from your account now.


nice lore. haven't yet beaten the first level xd

when karlson 2d

I did it 5 days ago, have you looked at it?

Windows 8.1.

Each time i open the game, i want to enter to my profile but it ends up telling me that it is corrupted. What's going on??

your did it :D