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Terrible Things

A member registered Jul 18, 2018

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I just want to thank you so much, this masterpiece of a game had charecters even though I'm hella white and much so very young it made me fall in love. I realte to each charecter, especially Akarsha where she makes jokes and flirts jokingly to hide her real feelings and her real self who is dark and very well....suicidal. Going through a rough middle school where I've seen my friends and one girlfriend raped or assualted and now trying to conquer highschool and eventually life....this game makes me appreciate the value of your friends. Maybe my friends aren't as deeply rooted as since elementary since i moved a lot but, you made a game that gave me confidence to come out to my family and my normie non close friends. So all I can say is thank you, and I hope for more games like this by you in the future. May you all live peacefully, and prosper fully. May the butterfly soup I am be able to learn the same.