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Thx for the feeback, I had it in mind doing it differently, but there where many limitations like my skills, the scope and also the render pipeline limitations.

Thx, fyi a friend of mine wants to add the game to soon.

Nice short game.

Really enjoyed the Demo, it gave me Deltarune vibes (in a very positive way) Keep on it.

I usually love to play Horror Games but this was too scary (maybe I'm just traumatized from the creepypastas lmao).

I haven't played it myself (bc this game is too scary for me) but watched the video from Alpha Beta Gamer, I really love the atmosphere of the game, and enjoyed good old memories of listening the Ben Drowned Story on my MP3 player. Thx for making this.

Would love to see a video of u talking about this Game.

Had much fun playing it, I love the art style the writing and the cute Doggie. Would love to see more games from you.

Also what have u used for dialoge, I would guess Dialogic.

Had much fun playing this Horror game. It's disturbing but in a cool way.

Excited to see how Demo 3 will be. Keep on it. And take breaks.

Epic Game

Played it on the Switch and Steam and really enjoyed it. Keep on it.

We've forgotten the crackers, gromit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel this.

I'm loving it.

I really had fun playing this.


This is so wonderful, I hope the songs come to spotify, they are so good.

Nice game, really enjoyed it. I hope there will be updates.

Greetings from HPS1.

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Bought it on switch, and I really love it. The inverted cam is kinda confusing but it's not making the game bad. 10/10 Cute Chickens UWU

ps. can you please implement a select button to the pc and switch port?

The game is really nice, I enjoyed it very much.


that's very understandable, thx for answering so fast.
If your choice changes please hit me up.

This program is very interesting, will the generator be open source later?

I really enjoyed your game. Was very atmospherical

Thanks for the critic, I wasn't really good with the gamedesign of deep relics, but I wrote an Readme file for the controls.

You need to be very near to a relic (the yellow thing) and hold the F button until the relic disappears. (It makes a sound when you collect a relic)

Thanks for playing it and making a video from it, oh and yes it was an inspiration of Frontier Diver.

I really enjoyed this game, with it's kinda physics based mocement and feeling. Thx for this good experience.

I'm so scared that I panicked and pressed Alt + F4, very good game if I'm that scared. 😨

Very good horror game, scared the shit out of me.

Very poggers game, Terra approved. 👍

Thanks a lot for tthose kind words.

I'll always try to port the game to linux and make my games Open source if they are free.

Hello Luis, I'm happy that you had fun with Deep Relics, also Thanks for the feedback, and yes you're right, the visual cues didn't existied, I'll keep that in mind to build it in, in my next game hehe. Thx a lot.


I often try to make my projects open source so other people can learn from it. Hope it will help you,
Also thank you for checking in.

thx mate 😎

Like the original, but will be excited for the full version. Keep on <3

I loved the game and the atmosphere especially the emptiness and the ambient sound.

Only thing to fix for the next game, would love to see the coyote jump mechanic.

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I'm very thankful for your kind words and the very good critique. I'll take that to heart.
Also I'm kinda not working on the game anymore. Bc it is my first game I messed many things up and the game literally doesn't run on laptops with no GPU. But what I thought of is remaking the game in 1 Year after the release, with all the new expertise.

Also yes the Monster called Cindy (not refering to an real person) was inspired by Sirenhead and Slender.
Also very cool video u just got an sub hehe

I'm currently working on a new game going to an other direction, won't tell what it will be yet, but if ya wanna see some updates or small devlogs follow me on twitter:

Thanks a lot again. ❤ U made my day.

This game made me cry. Thanks for making it <3

This game is pretty nice, I love the art style, the gameplay and the story. It's fun to play, and I hope there's a third game of it.