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Oh no, i just didnt know about this mechanism and though it was a bug. Thanks for the info :).

Is there a price difference when you quicksell your captured slave or is it the same as if you sold it from your mansion?

So you say that i should wait and the game eventually will remove my sold slaves from the list and replace them?

It didnt work

I already bought all the slaves and only my sold slaves are there. Is there no way to reset it somehow?

When I sell my slave at the market it will be on the list of available slaves for purchase but after that the list wont update and stays the same  this bug is been in the game for some time now though in the previous versions i ould just close the game and reopen it and it would been changed but now this method isn't working anymore. What should I do?

This is amazing I downloaded the newest version and the random portrait mod plus the delayed loading mod and now even though I have 6000 pictures in each folder it loaded in a few seonds that is just amazing.

Okay, thank you.

Its been bugging me for some time but I cant seem to find the changelog if nothing for the latest version of the game, only for the very old versions and so I dont know what changed and it would be a big help especially sine you ant download older version of the game so if for example you download the new version not knowing what changed in it and they changed something which you dont like and rather would stay on the older version but you already deleted the older version  then it would kind of bad, not to speak that you dont know what to look for like a new area or item or just some improvements.

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Cave moss you can find during the exploration of 'The  Shimerring Caverns' when you trigger an event where you encounter a hurt mushroom, if you give him a potion it will give you cave moss. The monarch spit you can get it if you go to 'The Placid Plain' and meet with the fairy (monarch) monster girl with the green hair and after you defeat her it will give you the monarch spit or during the fight you can seduce her and stole it from her.

When during sex i fullfilled my partners desires and ended the session it showed that how much desires I fullfilled but what are those ''points'' do, because its quite highlighted just like when I would gain a 'Essence' from the session.

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Hello I would like to ask that with the new version of the game came a new sex system and I dont know where I can see where it shows how much stress they build up for example from S&M actions and also the lust level so i dont accidentally leave them with high lust which would have negative effet during combat.

Is this project still going?

You just have to get the hang of it. At first it was the same for me but I figured it out the the F key gives the spin an extra push while the A slowing down the spin. That is why i usually use the A to slow down the spinning a little bit then when it get to the right place i press A again to stop it completly. I hope this help you if not then just keep trying and eventually you get the hang of it.

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Hello, I know this is quite unrelated anhd doesnt answer your question but it caught my interest about what you said about a recuited Ayda. First of all, I assume  by Ayda you mean Adya the dark elf alchemist in Gorn and secondly how did you recruited her because I dont know nor did i read anything about that  she can be recruited?

Is there no way to have more than one lover? Because in the tutorial it hint it that 'I might find away around' or that still being implemented?

Ok thanks but what benefits it has or disadvatages?

When inspeting the statistics of a slave at the right side there are thre relations, but  effet does it have to slaves for example if a slave have a bitter relations with another slave and have an it be improved?

Everytime i load in the latest save file the Minorus Concotion and the Youthing potions re-appear in my invertory even though i sold it. How can i fix that?

Maybe it would fix the problem if you could add 2 directory for bodies and portraits (and the path management needs to be improved beause i could only allocate my body folder by creating a new one)

I have 3750 at both bodies and portraits folder so at total 7500 and it takes so long to load in them when i tried to even when I allocated high priority in the task manager but it only helped a little but if i tried with but with about 5000 it works fine. So it would be good if that somehow could be fixed especially  since more and more portraits packs come in and AK|Phantom plan to make a pack with all the other pack (if i am corect).

I get that but what are the chances that out of 5 lvl1 lone girls (4 were human 1 was taurus) are have this specialization and heavy plate. Because i fought 2 times with lvl1 bandit groups (1 had only one member the another one had 2) and 5 lvl1 lone girls and each of them i could only deal 1 dmg.

Yeah the thing is that it wasnt a bandit but a lone girl and i had my dagger equiped so it seems strange for me that with a dagger and  my maid with no weapon equiped deal the same damage (1) againt a lvl1 lone girl and she deals 13-14 dmg to us. I mean if this isnt an error than the game become a lot harder in which case i hope if there is an option to change that.

Hello i started a new game with the recent version of the game and at the beginning when i went outside the town and attacked a lvl 1 human girl i and my companion only dealt 1 damage while the girl dealt 13 for me, so how do i fix this?

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

But after about 15 mins its seems like its opened it but the picture (portrait in this case) blury and cant see the name plus when i want to close it, 5 more min until it close or just freeze down.

Well first i got a warning that said:  _png_warn_function: iCCP: kown incorrect sRGB profile At: drivers/png/image_loader_png.cpp:67

Then after a while  it started give an error thta message queue out of memory.But heres some screenshots.

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I have the Delayed Loading Mod v1.0 and the Improved Random Portraits v1.0 in this order and yes i tried that only Delayed Loading Mod alone but its the same.

Hello I love your mod it is very useful, i just want to say that there are somethings that would be nice if you could add in such as the flat tag for the 'Tits Size' and 'Ass Size' and the colour pink for the 'Hair Color' and 'Skin Color' and maybe the eyes color but  i dont really know how this works so i dont want to come down offensive. Anyway thanks for the mod again.

Whenever i try to load in the Custom Bodies or the Portraits it just keep loading even though i have the 'Delayed Portrait Loading' as the number one in the mod list and beside that i only have the 'Improved Portrait Loading' and i have the latest from each. So what can i do about it.

U.I:  I admit though that i have about 6081 pictures just in the 'Bodies' folder but i remember last time i played i had about 4000 pictures and it load it in after a 30 sec. even though i didnt had any mod at that time . And i should mention thta the only way now to change portraits is the 'Random Portrait' option and it can changes the bodies and portraits fast but not all files is compatible with it so until i ultilize them i would like to use the manual way.

When i wanted to equip a starter weapon (rusty dagger) where there was once a black man figure outline now is a little boy with censored willy and i dont know how to hange that because i only see an option to change my portrait, but im fine with mine portrait which i chose at the custom start. So what should i do?

Hello i play with the 0.5.16a version and i played through the whole game but when i checked my servants status i noticed that the highest affection i got was '2'. I have 54 servant but only 4 have affection points 3 have '1' and 1 have '2' the others have '0' when their obidience and loyalty is maxed. So how do you get affetcion points?

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Hello i dont know if this is the corrext place or way to ask these 2 questions but i didnt know where else should i ask so sorry if this isnt the place for this. So my 2 questions is where i can see my slaves/servants lust because i have a one with the 'masochist' trait and i cant use fully without knowing that her lust increased from an abuse action. The second is when i wanted to do a cutom start and i was at the point where i have to customize my servant there were only 12 race but there should be more for example there is no dyra race. So if you could help me with these i would appreciate.


I tried looking around but i just cant seem to find the answer for this.


I tried everything i could think of to get my servants to attach to me but it all ways say that they doesnt show any attahment to me, not even the one with the 'Clingy' trait. So how do i get them to attach to me?