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Whoa, this is some interesting mod although (I might be wrong) but at the 'Hybrids' section for the 'half-blood' you wrote 50% or higher but wouldn't that overlap the 'full-blood' which is 70% or higher? In my opinion a 'half-blood' would be around either 25%-50% or 50%-69%. Otherwise cant wait to try out this mod I love the idea of this game having more flavor into it.


I just read the changelog,  I didn't know the  hyperlactation's image wasn't transparent either. So here is the corrected image if you still don't have it (this one was a bit more problematic so I plan to edit it further tomorrow but for now here is the current one):

Yeah sorry about that its just hard some times to get everything when its all white. Here is the corrected image (I would use the mega but there seems to be some problem there so I just upload the image here) :

Also made a bit of correction on the Sedative not much but I think it looks better:

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Here are the corrected images (you should be able to get them by left-click them and 'save image as..., but if you want me to send it in a different way just say the word):


I just wanted to ask that how do I do that when I give a nickname for a slave it uses its nickname for interaction and stuff like that instead of 'nickname' "real name" because I remember there was an option for that just cant remember where.

On an unrelated note what language is this game use because I would love to get more into it (at first glance it looks like javascript  but I'm not sure since I'm not really into programming yet.)

Okay found the fix for it., It should be :

###---Added by Expansion---### Ank BugFix v4
elif player.race.find("Halfkin") >= 0:
for i in globals.state.reputation:
globals.state.reputation[i] += 15
###---End Expansion---###

So I already had a topic with this problem but now with Ank's Bug Fix I don't actually know how to fix that it doesnt give me the +15 for the cities.

Here is the part of the that contains the code for that:

###---Added by Expansion---### Ank BugFix v4
elif player.race.find("Halfkin"):
for i in globals.state.reputation:
globals.state.reputation[i] += 15
###---End Expansion---###
globals.state.reputation.wimborn += 30

So I don't know if the 'else' part is for there for a reason or just accidentally left it there although even if I remove it just doesn't give me the +30  for Wimborn anymore  so how to fix this to give me the +15?

So I have not a bug but a suggestion (I think?). I noticed that at the alchemy lab the icon for the 'Sedative' isn't transparent like so:

I don't have any other mod installed in fact I just installed the whole game and I installed your mod step-by-step  and if I go to the 'Change Portrait', it works fine (I also tried restart the game and then first try the portrait then the body and a few other combination but the same ting happens ).

So I don't know if this is a bug or something else but when I wen to my character page and 'Set Body Image' so I can reset my body image (because of the random portrait) this is what happened:

And where do you get this patches because when I checked the discord I only could find the mentioning of it.

Patches what are those, I've heard of them a lot but never saw them only mods.

Hi, I just wanted to say I love the mod and wondering how is the next update coming along. Can't wait to see it :) .

Did you use handcuffs at anytime on her because if you use a handcuff even if you take it off the restrains still stays.

Is haremon compatible with  the client?

I think I still use the good ol' everything-in-one (where you get all the portrait packs and just dumb it together) or the Portrait + Bodies MEGA PACK from SoulCaliber (before it was taken down). 

I don't exactly know what this means but I thought I share it.

Yeah it work fine now even after using change order it still there. Thanks a lot.

Damn, your the real deal. Anyway the one I am looking for is where the 'Demon Purple TitsS SkinL AssS' character in. (Demon>Female>Loli+Teen).

So basicly after I use the 'change order' scrolling rod disappers so as I am on a laptop  I cant scroll down but if I reload the save file (created newly) it appers back.

Hey where did you get the pictures, because I noticed that its mostly CGI from VNs and there was a few character that I didn't know from which VN was it from and I would love to play that VNs which is those characters pictures from.

If I have sex with them differently there is no problem and as of the actual sizes chloe's was tight and maple's was tiny. (and when i still kept going it said that their vagina started to bleed)

I think I found a bug basicly whenever I have a threesome and fuck them in turns it say that I have undersized penis when my character have a big one but if i fuck them the ass it doesnt say anything.

Okay I think I found the problem for some reason it seems to think that I had sex with Cali, so now I have to change it in the code. also on a side-note at Cali's 'dailyevents' section it writes "incestconsentchecked" over 25 times (I didnt count it all) is that normally?

PS: Before anyone says anyhting about that I just forget that I had sex Cali, I am 100% sure I didnt since I knew about the evnt plus I woulkd never ask her consent about fucking family yet it says that I asked her about it so I am sure that something must have happened.

It didn't work I don't know what could be the problem. I checked the save I made before I ended the day and there was the {"code":"caliproposal","duration":1} . I tried to added back in my next day save file but still didnt work (I had to add some extra to the starting maid sex event so it doesnt overlap but it did delay that event but the cali event didnt come up) and I even tried to delay emily's  event but evn though it delayed it the Cali event still didn't trigger. On a side note I noticed that there was the caliparentsdie event still there even though I completed the quest, though when I deleted it didnt make a difference.

PS: So I was wondering does Cali's event really matter or it just for the CG which will be stored in the gallery?

Hello I don't know if this is because of the mod or just a general bug but when I ended the 9th day after completing Cali's questline from which after there should have been a sex scene but I think the Emily coming back dialog overwrited that scene or at least seemed like something was coming up but then Emily's dialog took it over or something  also the only thing happened in the end of the day is that Cali's Pliable trait changed to Devoted. (Cali's intimacy have been unlocked by consent but I didnt have sex with her and the scene wouldnt triger neither after ther 25th day or if I actually have sex with her).

Found the problem I accidently clicked on the 'Privates' and it closed. (I didn't know I can do that).

So I don't know what happened but I noticed while I was checking my slaves description, that for most (but not the first 2 ) slaves the  description for the privates says 'Omitted' here is the screenshot:

Hey, I don't know if this is because of the mod or not (or it was updated in the original game) but when I went to Gorn to buy  'a  pair of handcuffs' which supposedly be 150  (going by the wiki and my memory), it was 250 when I went to buy  it.

PS: If it is not a bug or anything sorry for the bother.

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Is there an option where you can check out the person who is about to get executed for example, how beutiful they are? Btw I totally fogot to post the actual code report so here it is:

I don't know if this is a bug or not but when I went to the execution and when I went to the 'Just Observer', it did the same thing as if I went to the '.... is to good for them' with the difference that it is automaticly choose another punishment. Also when I get to the option where I can take the the girl who were supposed to be executed it did nothing .

I just noticed that  when you move your mouse at the slave's ranking there is a new rank betwwen the rich and the noble called 'Atypical' . What is that  suppose to be?

Really? For me it seems as though the Horse 1's dick so small that it cant fill up Carina's slit and thats why he and she cant feel much arousal from sex.

Hey so I just installed Arics Expansion Rebred and changed in the  elif player.race.find("Halfkin"):   to    elif player.race.find("Halfkin") >= 0:

to fix the halfkin reputation error because otherwise I would get +30 to wimborn instead of getting +15 to all of it, but it for some reason didn't do anyting instead even the demon race doesn't get the negative reputation what could be the problem?

I would say you installed it right since it shows the 'Dimesional Crystal' there, the jailer, nurse, chef and combat group were displayed on the main screen either because in the previous build it was a bug that it didn't show it or my request at the matter was approved. Furthermore  even if its your starter slave she isnt excluded from the 'Constent System' which means you can only bring her to combat if you get her consent  about it

Lol I just had an encounter with a few bandits where I asked the captured women to join me an she did accepted then in the next bandit encounter she IS one of the bandit and in my side log it said that Elvira (the captured slave who joined me) become mildly stressed. Double jackpot ;)

This v0.7 sound amazing cant wait for it :)

About the Bandit System is it considered a bug if  the NPC who was a captured child (and didnt even offer me anything for saving her) , right after I save her I met her as a bandit?

I can't wait for the  prison dialogs and the interrogation option to be implemented :)