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Bune Duggy

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The hardcore stuff you're seeing is from a previous project called How This All Happened. Some of the characters return in this.

Sorry to hear that. That music isn't in the game any more. 

There's not much there, I'm kinda just making assets and scripts I'll need right now so I can quickly put it together when the time comes.

The demo should be out within two months for Windows.

No official release date planned, it'll probably be here and a few other sites.

Demo will be sometime this spring and the full game will hopefully before the year is out.

Nope, she's just not in the demo is all. She'll be in the full game and the next demo.

For sure. Once it's in a pretty final state I'll need to have some people run through it and be on the lookout for bugs before I release it for real.

Can you post a picture and your PC's specs maybe? I'll see what I can do to fix it.

.jpg? Like an image file?

You can bypass the anti-virus warding, usually the button isn't obvious since they don't want you clicking it instinctively. You could also white-list it.

I'm glad somebody finally dug into some of the situational dialog!

Can't wait for your let's play.

If I finish according to plan it'll be a relatively cheap game with plenty of value in it. If not it'll be free/pay what you want.

I only see an empty post, could you repost your specs?

The food sequence doesn't happen after day 2. The delay is the game getting stuck in "talk" mode and fixing itself, I'll look into that.

I can't reproduce the shower things, it happens every time for me. Could you give more details?

Does it do anything else or is it basically not booting?

Also, could you post your PC's specs?

Thanks! She's definitely staying.

The final version hasn't technically started development yet.

Oh, and more original music by @marufawks

The most recent update only fixed a glitch with the fullscreen scaling, the one before that added a toggle option for the post processing.

Uploaded a fix for that. I just accidentally left some scaling code I was working on in there.

Whoops, I was working on some scaling stuff and I left some code in there. Uploading a fixed version now.

I figured most people would be led from that to this, not the other way around. In any case a lot of people seem to have no problem finding that movie. Sales have increased.

Nope, same model.

Not really, I just had the models laying around from a cancelled project and used them for this proof of concept. Except Autumn, that model was made specifically for this.

I was going to do the full game with entirely new characters but people really want May in it.

I've been looking for an answer to why this happens sometimes, but no luck yet. I put some code in there to help fix it and it hasn't happened to me since but I guess I missed something.

Can you describe what happens for you?

Booping will happen in the full version when I can give it some effects.

Que chevere!

I actually had no idea that there was such a thing as itch.io launcher.

I'll look into this with the next update so it recognizes it correctly.

Gonna make use of the "let's not eat" option instead of making her force it I think.

Not sure what that is exactly, but I haven't though about anything involving money just yet.

Maybe a little more polish on this demo, but nothing major. I'm not building on this demo for the full game. I might not even use the same engine.

There's history between the characters you can get more detail on through conversations. Nothing is fully spelled out but everyone is pals.

I'm planning on keeping these characters around, but the full game will have more "territiorial" gals.

The fog is fairly random, Sometimes you see a little more then other times. Still, the sprite itself has fog drawn onto it so you'll never see the goods :P

I have no plans yet, just ideas. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

I removed the food event after day 2. Originally it just went by quicker after you already had that meal but you were 100% right. It's just annoying at that point.

It's a value that ticks down slowly but is sped up by doing stuff too.

You have a pretty good idea of what's going on, not sure how it got out of whack though. Every food related flag resets when you sleep so it must be the wait time (which gets shorter every day) going crazy somehow.

The demo is basically done after 3 days and there's only two meals so I might as well skip the food at that point honestly.

And yeah, that was intentional.

Not sure how you're only getting that one dialogue. It should only play once and only under certain circumstances. There are actually a lot of conversations to unlock now. I can't seem to reproduce this bug, if you have any more details let me know.

The gender choosing thing I mentioned before is a planned feature for a full game, this is still just a proof of concept.

That's when the textures load. I don't think there's a way to do it nicely in Game Maker. The way GM handles images in general isn't really suitable for this type of game so I'm probably gonna move to Unity which has more compression and streaming options.

(Edited 1 time)

The space bar was actually a debug thing I forgot to lock off.

Working on these bugs now, should have an update in a bit.

Edit:Uploaded a new version that should fix all these issues. Also added more dialogue.

Yep! Since I gave the option to pay for downloads there have been plenty, and also some others donating to my paypal.

I'm working on a new teaser demo that's a little more deserving of so much generosity, then I'll probably move on to something I'd feel comfortable actually expecting money from.

I was definitely considering hiring another artist for stylish character designs.

I got your Christmas present by the way, definitely the best one I got this year. Thank you! It means a lot.