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congratulations gifted one!

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thanks! I'm glad you enjoy noboru! :)

these are all really good ideas that might be better off in something else... like noboru 2. ;)

if you want to send me something or just message me, use my twitter!

thank you dude! that sucks though! :( I've updated the page to include the link but I'll post it here too. :)

thanks lusid! glad you liked. :D

thanks for playing dude, glad you liked it! n_n

using your sword and dashing requires stamina! so the more you have the more you can slash/dash!

hey dude cool suggestions, thanks for sharing! can I ask what version of windows you are using?

to help performance or visibility? :o

did you press "8" to toggle controller? it should work. :3

do you have any suggestions? :o

sorry about that I don't think this game works very well with a controller but I had already implemented it so I thought I'd leave it there in case someone did like it. thanks anyway! :]

cheers for playing man and leaving a comment. :] I totally agree with some more modes!

hey dude thanks for playing, you did pretty good. :3 keep up the vids! 

wow nice job! :] you've proved yourself worthy of the sacred prize. 

I'm really glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing! :3

thanks so much dude! I really enjoyed this video haha, you started to gain some pretty decent height. :] 

good luck with the channel, i subscribed! :3

I recommend checking out this video whether you've played noboru or not, its great. :]

thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it. n_n

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hey dude!

I understand where you are coming from 100%. I played around with a few ideas like refreshing a jump when you hit an enemy earlier on and it was definitely fun but it always lead to the game becoming too confusing or too easy. 

although I'm sure I could keep tweaking and improving this and it is a project I'd love to come back to and expand upon, so feedback is really helpful.

anyways thanks for playing and taking the time to tell me what you think. :]

you'll never believe this but we literally got mordi from the anime owl arcade to do the voice for us!

hey man,  thanks so much for checking out the game. it really means a lot. :]

also good catch, I'll fix that up asap!

this is super fun! nice job dude. :]