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Tenshi Doragon

A member registered Feb 22, 2019

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Thank you, and you don't have to apologize ^^ at least you answered. And actually you've kinda help me on a few questions i was asking myself so thank you again

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Hi everyone ! I'm kinda new but i love the project and i want to contribute ! But i'm struggling a little...

The reason is : i want to create a pack to improve the number of pics you have ingame but i don't know if there is some constraint on the type of pics. And because i'm kinda bad at guessing i just prefer to ask here , where the people who will be concerned are present. I don't want you to see thing that you don't want to see.

 For example , does it bother you if the full body is completly naked or if they wear "modern" clothes (not futuristic)? I do know that it's better to find pics with full body and who are looking at the viewer , but i don't know the rest so i'm just asking ^^". 

Thanks for your response if you do !