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awesome game, really good world and art.

Cool game.

I like the game the music is good and the mechanics is very interesting.

Sorry, i think the Win32 version should be working, but i already upload the fix in the gamejolt so now the 2 versions should be working.

Cool game in the beginning is just doors but as you advance in the game you have some puzzles to solve. is a fun game.

Cool game, in the beginning a was going in the green box haha, i like the challenges to touch the purple box, the audio are also good the only problem with them is the volume but in overall is a good game.

These assets i used in the sample scene in my custom engine but i remove then to make this game a just forgot to remove the links and some engine references, that was my first game jam i almost missed the deadline, but about the windows build since i can't upload here i upload the windows build in gamejolt here is the link:

Ok, i'm gonna give a try and comment something there

I made a windows build but can't updaload here so i upload in gamejolt here is the link:

Thanks, the bin file is the 'RogueImpactDeathDungeonTheGreatEscapeFromTheLabyrinth' you can play from the terminal, if you want i made a windows build is in gamejolt here is the link: