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Ben Ferguson

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probably the best pseudo-random momentary-counter-action micro-rpg there is

I've been putting this off for a while, but I decided that if anything was going to get done, it had to be public.

After reading the summary, you may be questioning the themes and plot of the game. A good question.

Like any author, I put a lot of myself into my work. In the case of ILLSAVIOR, I will be putting too much. Mental health has crippled me for much of my life, and I wanted a medium with which to express the lasting effects of all sorts of psychological traumas - both on the characters and the world around them. Blobbers are one of my favorite genres, and C64 is a great system to design for. It all fell into place.

Discussion rules:

  • Be civil. Be good to one another. I will delete anything I find inappropriate. 
  • Once the game is released, don't post spoilers unless clearly tagged in the topic title.

Finally, I will need testers. Please contact me via itch if you are interested.

Sure, as much as you like, just link my itch page or Twitter or something 


I've tried loading this game on NTSC hardware with SD2IEC with no luck. Once it gets to the World 1 Stage 1 screen, it freezes. (Same behavior in VICE). 

Is this game still NTSC compatible? Thanks ^_^

They were all amazing!

It's the bee's knees!

Tic-80 also supports Brainfuck. 

Why would you ever use Brainfuck? You wouldn't, but the option is there.

65xx is super fun, a less hair-pully-outy version with scripting support and no silly limitations (eg no indirect addressing with x register and what-not) sounds exciting to me. :)

Maybe not that difficult, using a modern assembly-like language like this:

No more than a few hours.