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Really like the movement and atmosphere feels very polished, was wondering how you achieved the camera effect in the engine? it really makes things look photo realistic.

Yep I seem to be getting the same feedback from others outside of the jam as well and I agree 100% but all good because lessons learned from this jam, thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks! unfortunately a bug caused the birds to not do damage, at least in some cases but glad you enjoyed!

Great idea! makes sense, file formats are just obj and fbx although I may add more if people require it.

Just created our first 3D asset of the favored and iconic weapon from ww2, this version is the m1928a1 used in service from 1938 - 1971. The asset will be updated as seen fit, let me know what you think of it, suggestions are highly appreciated!

here she is

Just released the 2D Simple Aircraft Instrument asset, contains multiple layers for you to configure the instrument how you choose! a completed one is provided aswell, hope you find use with it and let me know what you think!