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This game is 
This game has so much potential. I really enjoyed the bits that we got to see so far, and only hope that you continue adding spooky, horrific things to this alternate reality google maps. I really loved this experience, wildly uncomfortable, it had that perfect retro vibe, and I really just want more from this universe. Are there plans for more? 

Honestly such a fun game it actually scared me quite a few times which is sometimes rare to find now. Keep up the amazing work! Would love to see more!

Definitely enjoyed the game even with its shortcomings, genuinely stoked to see more from this though, it got REALLY good at the end. 

I honestly loved the environment, the story, and the world felt so rich, and lived in. Would like to see more of this universe. Definitely recommend! 

Me being an excellent visual novel player this felt a bit novice (DEFINITELY NOT THE FIRST ONE I EVER PLAYED)...No really this was an awesome experience, and I want the DLC to come out, like ASAP. The jokes were outstanding, it was one of the most fun game to react to, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. It deserves the win at the Visual Novel Jam!


Of course! I can't wait for what comes next!

I played this.

Ill leave the rest to you. 

This game got me on some seriously emotional levels. The idea of a childhood nightmare being bore into reality is so cool, and terrifying, but that's not even the best part. The story was 10/10 and YOU KNOW I GOT ME THEM JIPPERS BABY. Make sure you play this, it's such an amazing experience. Highly HIGHLY recommend. ALSO I did some voice acting..kind of, but only in this video. Yeah. Thank you JordiBoi for making this masterpiece.

Honestly such an excellent first outing.Can't wait for more. However THE INSULT WAS TOO FAR. DO NOT DOCK MY PAY. I WILL FIND YOU. 

EXCELLENT GAME. Excited to play the full thing. This is an early build. Highly recommend, plus the story is bonkers.

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Lixian you're really too talented. It's annoying already. Anyway, loved the game. It looked, sounded, and played amazingly, but your insult was seriously out of line. All in all though 10/10 great atmosphere, sound, all of it. WELL DONE. OK? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR?! WELL DONE. Oh and got all endings.

This game was hard, but ultimately SUPER rewarding. Plus those insane story beats at the end were truly shocking. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Incredible final product, and HUGE shouts to you for getting a full game out, and not leaving it just a demo. Highly recommend, just be ready for a SERIOUS scare.

After playing INTERIM as part of the Dread X Collection I have decided this is a must play. 

I love Corridor Digital so this was a super neat find! I really enjoyed this game, Its gorgeous and creepy Really fantastic job! Playthrough starts at 25:38

Honestly this game was fairly terrifying i didn't know what to expect but you got me good multiple times! Would love to see a continuation of the Story! Playthrough Starts at 1:34

This game was super spooky i loved the Ambience! My playthrough starts at 13:44 Keep up the awesome work! 

Any updates on full release? I freakin loved this game. 


What's coming next?

This game was excellent, beautiful, terrifying, and gorgeous. This game deserves WAY more love than it has gotten. Such a unique, and pretty, whilst also being quite disturbing title. Definitely need to go check this one out if you haven't yet!

I was genuinely impressed by the story telling on display here. That dang Raven ALL ENDINGS!

This cemented my need to play MBPS. I adore this style, would love to see more.

DONT STEP ON THE SNEK. All in all wildly impressed, and can't wait for Choo Choo Charles.

Excellent quality game, stoked for what is next.

Super well done.

Super well done, the shadow guy really got me. 

Really loved how spooky this one was, 3rd game!

Honestly so spooky, really loved this one.

Super well done, really enjoyed the sense of terror.

Honestly super well done, got me really good. First game listed here!

Anytime! Stoked to see what's next!

What a creepy horrid monster you have made, i really enjoyed this! The chase sequence actually had me on edge so that is awesome! Gameplay starts right after the intro!

Beautiful game, really loved the terror too. 3rd game listed!

Really dug this one, I tried to do a noir detective narration... it went...well it went anyway. Highly recommend 4th Game listed.

I hone
This was insanely well done considering the circumstances. Very good job building the terror. Highly recommend. 2nd game here.

This game looks gorgeous.