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I honestly loved this game, still a contender for GOTY 2021. Super fun, creative, and at points terrifying. 

I absolutely loved this game. Can't wait for part 2!

An interesting game for sure I didn't really understand how I went back in time but the game has a nice spooky element to it!  (Video is two gameplays combined chapters take you to the exact part for Family Time)

This one actually got me pretty well i will agree with most commenters its a pretty dark game but otherwise excited to see where you go with it. (Video is two gameplays combined chapters take you to the exact part for BE)

this was a wild ride! 

GOTY most-likely.

Completely terrifying. Loved it. 

of course! I look forward to more!

One of my favorite games of the year, loved the twist, and little easter eggs thrown in. Highly recommend. 

This game was genuinely fun, and hilarious. Think I hit a glitch not being able to pick up THE GLORIOUS NUG NUGS, but I forgive you...

Had a bunch of fun with this, especially the bike ;) 

Honestly such a cool experience, can't wait for the new one. Seriously feels like a triple A title. Ran into some bugs, but thats to be expected! 

totally understandable hope you enjoy!

Thank you sir! Glad you enjoyed it!

Great mood, Slightly infuriating, but overall a solid experience great job!

PURE TERROR IN EVERY ASPECT! this game is amazingly immersive and scared the ever living crap out of me!

Honestly really dug this, gonna run back and play the first one... soon ;) 

This was an amazing demo! The interactive puzzels and the elements of horror really pulled me in! Excited to see this game grow! I think my only gripe was the locked off cam can be a bit weird in places.

such great potential really looking forward to this one as it moves through development!

One of my favorite games of the year, easily. Really loved this, the twist at the end tho...

Honestly  super good. A bit confusing (prior to update), but overall great.

Really loved this one. Such a good game as a content creator, keep up the excellent work! 

Honestly so good, made the mistake of looking into Mandala Catalogue too. Oof. 

This game was really strange in all the best ways. Incredibly stoked to see what comes next.

of course! Can't wait to see what's next!

This one was a WAY more full experience than I expected, a couple confusing moments, but overall I really enjoyed my time with it.

Really cool experience, took me longer than expected to find spooky lady. Good work, stoked to see what comes next!

This game has some incredible audio, I took my headphones off because I thought a trespasser knocked on my window. Also GREAT start, super stoked to see where it goes from here. Loved every second. 

Ay! I am glad you got to see it! And well darn, hopefully that means a continuation is afoot ;) stoked to see what you all do next, just @ me ok? hahaha

I really loved this game, that ending was absolutely excellent. All in all I thought this was really fun, and super stoked to see what comes next! 

This game was excellent, 100% worth playing. Very short, but very purposeful, and the ending totally threw me off. Loved it through and through!

Absolutely loved this one! Thanks Dev for making this, breath of fresh air!

Always love hearing insights, keep up the excellent work stoked for what is next!

Aw thanks man! Very stoked for what comes next from you!

I love seeing BTS stuff, super cool that you shared this. Also loved the game!

Absolutely loved this game, reminded me of the THING in a lot of ways. Love the use of simplicity to render absolute fear, and it ran smooth as butter. I did not find all tapes, BUT Id say its worth going through twice to do so. Great work Jon!  

There are indeed A LOT of zombies. Neat twist too! 

All in all I dug it, could not get that last ending which bummed me out. Some broken English made for some laughs, overall Id say give it a shot! Good job Bruno

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I didn't miss a single one, felt good. The voice was a bit whacky, and it was wildly short, and the voice was killing me, but def worth trying! 

I absolutely loved this game, took me totally by surprise. Got lost a lot, and loved every second. EVEN though I probably said I hated it several times. Great work devs!