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Definitely the review  is coming soon.

Congratulations keep up the great work.

Playing right on Steam totally amazing love it.

My full review on @Aquadine

Start  off say game was a totally amazing experience for me.

Anya Taeli
She's been kind of shy, funny and she also transforms into a human to a mermaid spoiling alert to get to know her backstory was totally amazing everything about it, I like it how she says whatever that part was funny she was great her performance was awesome by the actress Jane Redd.

Diana Frezner
Funny had a great  personality, but she did have her moments with her and her mom broken down tears and everything else overall she was definitely amazing, her and her performance was amazing set type of girls I would love to hang out with great personality great attitude everything else and the great actress that played her by Meghan Nigrelli.

Elizabeth Rhodes
She's been an amazing person completely understand her backstory she loved and cared about everything her friend in the game and everybody else and a great actress that played her by AmaLee

Cameron Young
She was being bullied when she was young, she wanted to hang out  with the boys and they said no cuz she's a girls spoiling alert overall her performance was great, fantastic she was also funny and some cases she welling to do anything to help her friends out karate girls performance.

The places in this game were amazing the environment music performance very nice awesome, fantastic, especially under the water scenes in the game that was freaking awesome to experience that throughout the playthroughs on each character.

Robin, mom Torrie Liyun 
Her performance was amazing had touching moments that literally made me cry throughout the playhouse when I see her in hospital bad, but overall she cared about other people she helped other people get through the struggles and that was totally amazing great actress played by her Heidi Tabing.

Do I recommend you play this game? Absolutely, it's an amazing visual novel game in my opinion it's the best visual novel 2021.

Banjo totally cut a little cat in the game I like the fact that he gets angry, it's so funny how they did it performance very well done.

Thank you developers give me the opportunity to experience your game 


Played on Steam

Check this out.

This game so amazing game so far.

All character are amazing too.

Heck yeah this fun thank you developer creating this game totally amazing experience for me.

Love this game now heard on console getting on Xbox One  PlayStation 4 playing on Latop PC.

Made check this out real soon.

Awesome to here my friend.

Yes this me Zech from Twitter too.

Keep up great work you are doing this game going to be hits.

Heck yeah man.


Love  this game everything about so amazing game.

This game is amazing  man love it so far.

Cute funny game love it so far.

This game well be successful hit.

This game is amazing tell funny too.

Look foward full game when come out.