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Of course XD hahaha

Thank you very much, we love that you enjoy Q-YO Blaster. Your comment is very nice, encourages us to develop video games -w-

hahahaha XD

Friend, it is impossible that we can respond to that steam thread, we are sorry, we can only respond in "discussions" (not that we do not want, steam does not allow it)

Yes, only after finishing the stage

Only have a stage select, after completing the stage

hahaha we really love your video, great >:D

You too :3


If you buy here, you only pay here (on itch) and sure, you have access to download a game installer of Q-YO Blaster (independent of Steam) and a key of Steam, to activate there Q-YO Blaster.

I hope I have resolved your doubt, if you didn't understand please let us know >:)

Enjoy Q-YO! >:D

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Of course, if you buy here at Itch, you also get the Steam key to activate the game >:D

Its platform was not specified (damn, our big mistake), but really this game is currently only for windows, we apologize for the inconvenience, it is 100% compatible with window -n-