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Team Odeki

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I love the visuals to this

These games are so cute

Holy mackerel this looks awesome

I'll certainly be trying this out, looks great.

My guess would be to post about it on other websites, show the game to your friends, and maybe try sending your game to youtubers.

I can't really speak on the subject though since i too am not very knowledgeable on the topic, i do wish you good luck though.


This looks awesome!

I love the aesthetic, really cute game.

I love it, great colors by the way.

lol, this is such a cool concept, i love it. 

This game looks so pretty, i love the art, i had a fun time with this, it was fun moving the flying turrents around too lol. great work! : )

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Very cute game, my only complaint is that i wish there was more! great work. : )

I'll be sure to come to you if i find any bugs! hmm for now i don't have many ideas, you're doing pretty god already.

I'll be sure to! : )

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I chuckled at the end, lol, i liked it, keep it up!

I have to admit, collecting the cookies feels addicting lol and sort of relaxing in a way. Good work!

This was a nice and cute game, good work! : )