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The blue track is oddly satisfying to listen to, I could use satisfying music lol, I don't plan to be working on a project quite so soon but I'll remember you when I start

Wow, these sound so good

The visuals weren't completely displaying correctly for some reason on my screen but it's probably just my outdated pc, i really really like the battle system, never seen anything like it, i hope you decide to make into a full game

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Incredibly satisfying gameplay, the atmosphere, sound effects and visuals are all reminiscent of the early 2010's and late 2000's. It plays like Umihara Kawase only much more fluid, i can't wait to see this finished, it's already great to begin with. I feel the theme of the levels should change after a bit, like sections although i wouldn't be surprised if you've already had that in mind, either way good luck on this, it's super fun.

Very nice visuals, satisfying sound effects and fun game play, i do feel maybe the sprites could be a tad bigger so it'd be less difficult to predict what a enemy is going to do,love the local multiplayer option. 

I wasn't very good at getting the colors just right lol but it is a very cute game, glad to see more games like this coming out.

It looks like a fun game, although i can't seem to get past the very beginning.

Fun game and funky style, not that it mattered too much but would this be getting keyboard support by any chance?

Could see this being therapeutic, at least i liked how they broke apart.  

Very cute game, i found the voice clips oddly charming lol, movement felt very nice, although i felt it was a bit difficult at times, one issue was on the third level if you just jump you can automatically win, it's pretty fun, i wouldn't mind seeing more levels added.

Fantastic art style and color palette, the story is interesting and i feel like already this will end up being a classic. 

Wow, this looks very well done,

Wowzers, this is amazing.

i loved playing this, really informative on old myths, wish there were more games like this.

I wasn't able to finish it but this game is extremely alluring, beautiful grahpics, an interesting story, and the OST is the best i've ever heard on the site, i would totally play a game similar to this, my only issue is that i feel the ending could be easier to reach.

i love how it looks, it has fun gameplay too.

Very cute short story, very genuine feeling characters and overall a great game.  I really enjoyed the plentiful choices and the artstyle, Thank you for making this.

The art style reminds me of Yume Nikki, i loved it, simple and sweet.

Art is mega polished and gameplay is fun, although i do feel like some areas are a bit unclear about how you should go about them, still fun though.

I'm glad! Just giving my honest opinion : ) oh thanks for follow also.

Absolutely adorable, i'm in love with how it looks and it really is relaxing lol. minor issue though, at lower resolutions during windowed mode the text gets cut off, but other than that i'd love to see this developed further

Really liked this one, raw story with expression, clicking the colored words helped emphasize certain ideas in someones head and i liked the gameplay actually,  only wish it was a littler longer, of course i wouldn't want you to have a longer nightmare though! Here's to that.

Super cute and challenging game, i love the art style

Super funky game, i love it

Looks fantastic, can't wait for the full game

Looks cute and friendly

Simple and fantastic, although i might be biased since i love games like these lol but i really had fun. Got a 700

lol i love the humor to this

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Holy crap i'd play the heck out of this, awesome work 

Well thanks for the nightmare fuel ;_; lol i think it looks good, maybe some colors could pop out a little more but that's just my personal taste

Very cute, i just wish there was more of it : )

Holy crap i love this idea

I really love the main character's design, and the funny dialogue. Nice

Really creative, i love it : )