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This game feels like it has a lot of potential, although i was only playing by myself lol  i could defiantly see it. Good job 

Simple and fantastic, although i might be biased since i love games like these lol but i really had fun. Got a 700

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Yeah i do the same, Mother 3's ending *spoilers* is one that comes to mind since it's unclear whether everyone died in the end or not.

I personally like ambiguous ones since i can think to myself of how it all turned out.

Which do you prefer of the two?

Thank you so much for making this game.

lol i love the humor to this

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Holy crap i'd play the heck out of this, awesome work 

Oh dang this sounds spicy

Well thanks for the nightmare fuel ;_; lol i think it looks good, maybe some colors could pop out a little more but that's just my personal taste

Very cute, i just wish there was more of it : )

Holy crap i love this idea

I really love the main character's design, and the funny dialogue. Nice

Really creative, i love it : )

Very relateable game, i enjoyed it a lot

Love the graphics

I also am working on a project but i just came to say this looks awesome, you did it all by yourself?

Super cute games, can't wait

Maybe there could be two computers that he walks over to that act as buttons, i dunno. Personally i like simple menus but dang nice looking game

How about making a game and then giving it 9 sequels? lol

2020 is gonna be awesome, i can feel it.

Any of the RPG Maker's would be a good choice, i personally prefer the VX version.

Super cute

Construct 2 is fantastic for making 2D games in that you don't have to code lol it may seem daunting at first but it's quick to get a hang of.

I just think them out i guess, and think if i could make it work programming wise, (usually i can't ;_; lol) if you have the time, Extra Credits has a couple videos on the topic.

Man, looks awesome, i love the aura it gives. Would totally use it as a background.

Construct 2 is a good one, it doesn't use coding but is still really powerful for making 2D games.


Something about the upstairs parts are so charming, i'd play that all day, i'm feeling those Earthbound vibes, the downstairs part isn't half bad either, along with the beautiful animating, i can't wait to see this get a full release.

Looks really fun

Beautiful art

Really short but i like it that way, i feel like it helps drive a point, also nice music.

Looks awesome

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I love the feel of this, something about the lax music mixed with the art style is something that is just delicious *Italian hands*, i think the game mechanic could totally work, it's something i've never played, i like it. 

Awesome! I'm glad your game is getting out there : )

Portrait Prophecies makes some pretty good games.

I agree, not enough 3d danmaku games. Suwako Chan Cubic is one though, crazy fun too.

There's something sort of like this in Cotton 2 for the Sega Saturn although it's more of a shmup, you can grab enemies or items and throw them as projectiles.

Just as the title says, i'm just curious on what others think would improve the genre or totally change it in a fun way.

NPC's with witty humor always make me want to play a game, or some kind of mystery, but it's your game, you're free to do whatever. Goodluck.

Really cute and hard game lol