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Thanks for letting us know, that sounds really interesting! Definitely checking it out!

EDIT: aaaand enrolled!

Hi! Really happy you enjoyed the game! Right now we're not looking for translations, but we might give it a shot later on

I can confirm that there is at least one case of perspiration in Clam Man. Everyone's underwater though, so not sure if you'll notice.

Just played it, I love the style! Wish there was more in the demo, but I guess that's how you get people hooked. Looking forward to playing more!

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any chance of a Mac version? Won't be back at my PC for another week!


Our comedy adventure game Clam Man has been in development for 2 years, and is finally out today! We're launching on Steam tomorrow, but gets the game a day early because they're just kinda cool like that you know?

Clam Man... a point'n'click adventure game, with an emphasis on story rather than puzzles! We wanted to create a game focused on the parts we loved about old school adventure games - the story and the jokes. It's a simple, entertaining game where you explore the world and interact with it's inhabitants. Oh, and we did throw a few puzzles in here and there, too.

You can check out the game page for more info! We promise it'll make you laugh! Or chuckle. Chuckling's laughter too.

We're so excited to finally share the game with you all, and hope you enjoy it!!!

Oh, and we're updating the old demo as well, so you'll get a proper idea of what the final product actually is like!

Much love,

Team Clam

aw yeh

Good job on your first game! Keep 'em coming!

Hey guys!

We posted the demo for our game "Clam Man" here a couple months back, and we recently updated it when we launched our Indiegogo campaign! It's got some cool new art, some new jokes, but mainly, we've worked hard to fix a lot of issues people had with the game. (One that annoyingly sticks around is that some macbook users are having issues, but this should be fixed by downloading it in the itchio app!)

Most of this feedback came from you guys! You've been invaluable when it comes to criticism, telling us what worked and what didn't. It was a huge help to us, and we really are super thankful for that. You guys made Clam Man a better game.

Like the title implied, we've gone live! We've been funding for about 48 hours, and we're almost at 20%, which absolutely blows our minds.

If anyone's interested, please check out our Indiegogo page! We made sure to make it entertaining, so it's worth having a look through even if Clam Man isn't your cup of tea. And make sure to let us know what you think of it! And while you're at it, why not check out the updated demo?

Much love,

Martin and Team Clam

Hey guys! 

We've had a demo for our game online for a bit, but as we just launched our Indiegogo campaign, we decided to update it in a big way!

Here it is: Clam Man Demo: Indiegogo Edition Supreme Climax 250% Acadamia!

Other than changes made due to feedback on this site (mainly audio, playability, and readability) we also took the time to rework some jokes and update the art! We think it looks way better now, and is way more accurate of the final product! Try it out and let us know what you think! :)

Oh, and have a look at our stupid teaser thingy:

Much love you guys,


This is adorable.  Also now my girlfriend wants a roomba and I blame you.

we will send you an actual evil beard ghost to battle with your wrestling expertise

Thanks for letting us know! We’re currently having issues with the online version for mac, so we’ll try to add the mac files to the page so you can download it! As far as we’ve tested, only the online version is struggling with mac, so this should solve it.

Hey man! We updated the game, changed the ghosts from 37 to 30, and added a counter on the game over screen. Thanks for your feedback!

out of curiosity, how many ghosts is the best youve gotten? originally, you had to get 50 off, then 40, and now 37, but we might have to drop it a bit more!

37 is doable though! But you are right, it’s super tough.

wrestling with your ghosts is never easy

this is just a general appreciation post for frog detective

how is he so dang cool

Thanks so much! My dear sweet pickle

Oh dude, this is great. This is the first time we got to see a complete stranger playing the game! You really made the whole team’s day with this!

Also I grew used to your Clam Man-voice and that’s kinda how he sounds in my head now.

Thanks so much!! Let us know if you do a version of the updated demo! 

that’s too much pressure

This is fantastic. Toad Sushi is the best sushi-based toad game I have seen.

Much love, your friend

Clam Man

thank you so much!

Liked it! A lot of the characters seemed all too familiar. Also I loved the detail with never using the same currency twice.

thanks! we appreciate you coming back to it to try it out! <3

Hey dude! We changed the voices, let us know what you think of the new ones! And thanks so much for playing!

Oh damn! We've actually been thinking of rewriting the mouse interaction to map it to one button, but so far having both left and right has been easier.  Maybe that'd be at thing for us to look into though. Anyway, thanks for your comment, and hope you get a chance to try it out! <3 smoochie smooch kissie kiss come here you <3

This is really good! At first I thought it just felt pretty similar to slidy cube puzzles, but it really comes into it's own and becomes a proper game. Well done! You could develop this into a full game, honestly. It'd work on iOS,  wouldnt it?

Clam Man is an upcoming comedy adventure game from Team Clam, inspired by the point-and-clicks of old, with an emphasis on comedy rather than puzzles. The demo you can play here is an early chunk of the game, and basically the prologue to the full game currently in development. We're a small, three-person team, currently looking for a publisher willing to take us under their wing for funding and jolly co-operation. Anyway, hope you enjoy the game! And please, feel free to let us know what you think of it!

On a side note, how fucking weird does it feel to have the game up somewhere? We've been working on it for a while, and now all of a sudden the demo is public for everyone to see? That's nuts. Absolutely nuts. Anyone else know what I mean?