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Hi! Thanks a lot for the video! They help me so much for getting the right balance for the game.

-A slow down upgrade is a really good idea that I didn't think of. Maybe I can do something like; When you get a kill there is a chance everything but you slows down so when it triggers you can chain your kills.

-I'm definitely adding some lifesteal effect :)

- I will think about flying enemies getting caugt in spider webs. I have optimization to think about when it comes to rope physics interactions but I will give it a try.

-Piercing bullets penetrate the walls too!

-Yeah you can sling yourself for higher jumps. Levels gets easier once you master that tecnique :)

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah this was a game made in 72 hours. It surely has some bugs and needs polish.

Added your game to my LD45 list. I will make sure to play, comment and rate your game.

Here is our game:

Added your game to my LD45 list. I will make sure to play, comment and rate your game.

Here is our game:

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Very cool looking game! You should add your ludum dare submission page link with the "Ludum Dare 45" tag on your game's edit page.

Here's my submission:

Edit: Wow! What a coincidence you already have played my game and commented on it! I found this post totally by chance!

Very polished platformer. I had fun playing it! Thank you for the game!

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Here's ours :

Really cool trailer by the way!

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I liked the idea of the game and enjoyed playing few levels until the game asked me to juggle my character. Haha! No way I am going to be able to do that! 

The current controls are too fast from me and for most of the other players too from what I have read from the comments. I get that you like the challenge of a very  fast platformer game and its only natural that you make the game like this but keep in mind that other people may not enjoy what you enjoy and they are going to criticize what they don't enjoy about the game.

Also I'm not saying that you should slow down the character. I think as a game designer you should approach it this way; "People are having problem with character being too fast. In what unique way I can fix this problem?" Coming up with your own approach to fix problems what makes the unique games in my own opinion.

Also also it doesn't hurt to look at other games too. I found this submission which is very similar to yours. I think you should check it out to see what he designed differently and what response he got.

Thank you for making this game! I really enjoyed it!

Very nice game! I liked the combo system where multiple kill = more score. The idea is very funny and I liked how you ramp up the difficulty by placing walls. Thank you for making this game, I had fun playing it!

This was definitely one of the better only one platform platformers I have seen in the submissions. I really liked the shadowy indicators you invented to show when the platform will move. I liked the controls and the challenge level of the game too! Thank you for making this game I had fun playing it!

I liked the fact that you can beat the game without ever shooting! 

I like that there were many weapon types but unfortunately shooting doesn't feel satisfying enough, you need to work on that. Better sound effects and some screen shake could help.

I liked that fact that there are some gore effects. You could have made the enemy corpses and blood splatters persistent too that would make killing enemies even more satisfying.

I had problem picking up the larger weapons I think their radius is smaller than their sprites you should fix that.

Overall it was a fun little game and I enjoyed playing it! Thank you for making it!

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Hi, we are Team Catwheel and I am Erdal Ural. Here is what we look like in real life:

I'm the guy on the left. The cute lady in the middle is our game artist and my wife İdil and the guy on the right is our friend Umur. 

Umur and I met on our first day in college computer engineering department. We had similar taste in games and we were interested in making them but we didn't develop anything worth playing up until 2nd year after our graduation from college. 

My wife studied fashion design and wasn't really interested in video games until we met.

 It was the summer of 2016 when I decided to join Ludum Dare 36, I asked İdil to help me with the artwork. She is really good with photoshop and she has a good eye for aesthetics. After that first prototype we build for LD36 we started joining jams frequently and quickly after that Umur decided to give it a try and we formed up the Team Catwheel to get better at crafting video games. 

Currently İdil and I have full time jobs. And Umur is doing his own thing. Soon I will switch to a freelance deal with my current employer and hopefully we will find a way to make some money out of our games.

For this game jam İdil decided not to join because she has been working very hard lately,  therefore Umur and I had to change our roles a little bit. Usually I'm doing the main programming and Umur handles the polish and sound design (Time to time we switch around the programming roles during the jam).But this time, I had to do the artwork,  so we decided that Umur should do the heavy lifting on the programming and I can focus on polish and artwork. I glad it worked out!

The Idea for our game came from this question: "What annoys you when there is only one of?" from that we got to the idea "only one elevator!". You see we live in a 15th floor of an 18 floor apartment and there are 2 elevators and some times one of the is out of service so the whole building has only one elevator. At those time I keep complaining how stupid and inefficient its algorithm is. Then it came to my mind that what if I controlled the only elevator on the floor manually! What if I controlled it with a crank so there would be only one input! So we made the game "Smooth Elevator".

Here is the link if you are interested:

Played, rated and commented. 

Here is ours:

I liked the game idea but I noticed a few problems with the gameplay like enemies continue attacking and damaging after they die for a few seconds, when you receive damage is not very clear. I liked the visual style. It reminded me of minit. The background music is too repetitive but the sound effects are cute and nice. I think with some added polish this game has some potential. I enjoyed the game and played a few times (didn't finish). Thank you for making this game!

I really love how you introduce new mechanics. There are a good enough number of levels and you managed to explore the game's idea really well! The game doesn't feel like it had been done in a short amount of time. Artwork and sounds are great too! Good job!

Thanks for playing!

Your game was on my radar even before you commented. The file size is a little large so I postponed playing it for now but I will definitely rate and comment your game.

Yeah, I agree that reminder would make the game a bit too easy but in this game jam I learned that most players do not enjoy memory challenges. Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

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Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm also surprised that someone I follow from an old LD jam  (LD 40 if I'm not mistaken) ended up finding me here! Making a perfect score is not that hard but it's not too easy either. We are really happy how it turned out. There is a video of us doing a perfect run on the game's page if you are interested.

It would be great if you play our game too!

Yeah we are aware of that problem. If you look at the older comments, I did a postmortem on the controls and whats mainly wrong with them in our opinion. Your suggestion is another way we could solve the main issue we have with the controls.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Very nice game controls! I had fun playing it! I liked the sounds and the pixel art as well.

Thank you for making this game!

Very good idea and very good execution! I really enjoyed the fact that you have created a lot of different mechanics that work together well. Most puzzle games I saw so far tries to get away with 2 or 3 mechanics and 5 or 6. levels Your game has much more mechanics and enough levels to explore them!

Thank you for making this game. I enjoyed it a lot!

If you like simple simulator games try out ours. It's an elevator operator simulator.

It's ok to have some bugs!

 Now that I know how the game actually works! I would have liked to be able to see a longer distance, it's very hard to react to fast moving meteorites even when I was spamming space to slow down time. There isn't enough time to charge impulse between the meteor entering the camera and reaching me.

Also I noticed that the ship spins a little too slow. The nova start before the game gives me any chance to start towards left.

Here's some simple pixel art from our game!

Oh I though only way to get battery back was to catch those small satellites and I avoided the planets since they slowed me down and murdered me! Now the game makes more sense! Yaaay! Its pretty much fun actually!

We haven't decided yet. But we are taking notes of good feedback just in case. 

You have already played it ;-)

I loved the cheat mechanic. Very funny concept. I enjoyed the levels you designed. Thank you for making this game!

Very cool game. I liked the simple visual style you went with. I also liked the audio but I wish there were more levels and challenges. The game ended just as I understood what the game's mechanics was. I didn't actually get to do cool stuff with those mechanics. Increase the number of levels and the complexity of the levels and you got yourself a very nice 2D mini golf game

Here play ours too! It's called "Smooth Elevator"

I know this is kind of out of place but I think a considerably big amount of people are forgetting the "Save Rating" button.

I just realized that my game has ‭367‬ plays and only 52 ratings. I think a lot of people forget pressing the "SAVE" button. I realized that I myself forgot twice too when I looked back on the comments I gave.

Then I saw Mark himself forgetting the save button during his stream. The audience had to warn him so he got back and re-rated the submission.

Can you make it so that on rating value change the rating is saved and remove the button.

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I really liked the effects you have created for this game. But unfortunately due to the game's controls and balance I didn't enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed it's graphics. It would have been more playable if the number of pulses were unlimited.

I loved everything in this game! Graphics, sounds, controls, difficulty curve... is really good and well polished. I really liked the number of unique enemies and how you represented them with just a simple color. It is a simple and elegant game. Well done! Thank you for making this game!

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Wow! Its a pretty hard game. Reaching 120 will take some time! I will give it a try though! 

Thank you for the kind feedback!