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Thank you very much for your feedback Toonhawk, i would like to keep the camera angle and try my best to make everything readable as it is, drop shadow is definitely something I've already noted, thank you again for dropping by ! :)

Thank you very much for your kind words, we are already working on the next game and will put all of this feedback to use !

Great idea, it gets a bit overwhelming when you get more clones, but the idea is very solid, hope you take it further ! Please do check out our game jam submission, as well - It's called Journey to the Top, thank you !

Actually incredible idea, very impressive take on Snake, brought me back to the days when i would steal my father's Nokia to play Snake, lol.
Please do check out our submission for the game jam, game is called Journey to the Top and if possible give us some feedback in the comments, thank you !

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Genius idea for a 1 day execution, you did very well Ezra! Do check out me and my friend's submission for the game jam(game: Journey to the Top) and if you can please give us feedback, very appreciated !

Really well done and well polished, i'm really bad at the game, but i can appreciate it ! :D

Really cute game, enjoyed the mechanics of it, but the character movement is a bit too slide-y, still great work ! :) Please check our entry to the game jam, it's called Journey To The Top 

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Hey, thank you for the feedback, it's very very welcome to receive it !

We are 2 developers, an artist and a programmer. I am the artist, this is my first ever video game and also game jam, there are things to improve in many places, yes i agree wholeheartedly ! But as my first go at a video game, I am really happy with the result and thanks to feedback such as yours and many others that play our game i will make the next one a much better experience for all of us.

Please do share any other feedback you might have, we read through every comment and hope to get your support in our indie game endeavours.

Thanks !

Great game, the concept is well executed and the visuals are cute af! 
Great entry to the game jam !

Feel free to check out our entry to the game jam, it's called Journey to The Top . :)

Fun game ! Halfway through i realized i could just take shortcuts through the sidewalks, that helped a lot ! At a certain point i just started ramming into vehicles and that was fun as well, lol !
Good job, nice entry !

Please do check out our game jam entry as well, it's called Journey To The Top ! :)

Hello, really enjoyed your game, really clever take on the cycles theme with the respawning clones of your past actions, 10/10 would love to see such an idea go further !

Great game! Very nice idea and execution!

Great game! With some polish, I think this could be a great mobile game.

Great idea! As @NibbleByte said, this could be a great party game!

Great game and level design! I hope you will continue to work on the game after the jam.

Thanks for playing! As I said on one of the comments below, the basic idea for the game evolved in something different which barely touches the theme. At least, you can't shoot the source of the bullets (bullet-hell where the player cannot shoot?). Thanks again for the playing and the feedback!

Thanks for playing! Sadly, the base idea for the game evolved into something different which barely touches the theme of the jam. In most bullet-hell games I've played, the player could shoot the source of the bullets, which here is absent. But still, the game barely touches the theme and is not a direct implementation of the theme.

Thanks for playing! I had the idea to add different patterns for the pills and other options to control the spawners, but couldn't make it on time.
Ye, I like the difficulty myself and that's why I left it that way. Some of my friends here tested it here and we came up with a competition to complete the game with minimal deaths. (ye, there is a death counter at the end) :D

Thanks for playing!

Really nice visuals and game! It would be really cool to add more abilities and bikes.

Clever way to do a citybuilder! Really nice visuals!

I really liked the Pogo knight. Fun platformer and cool levels!

Great game and idea! :D

Solid foundation which can be expanded and fun gameplay!