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Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely see how it looks like a button instead of a platform. And yes, it's still a work in progress, I only had a few hours to work on this one. Appreciate giving it a playthrough!

Thanks for the comment! The sound design was by our very own Thor Bremer.

Loved watching your Let's Play RobsonRages! Glad you enjoyed the theme and mechanics, and yes that platforming section is definitely difficult so don't blame yourself! There is another path you can take to find the club without having to jump over the spikes, just make sure you have the sword... Hope you give it another shot! Thanks for playing!

Absolutely! Check out his work on Toothgrinder Labs! Appreciate you asking!

Thanks securas! Appreciate that compliment! The visuals were done by Wes and Zach, and the music was by Thor (yes, that's really his name!)

Thanks Gamer Kai! We appreciate the compliment and the feedback. Some of the issues you mentioned should be addressed in the most recent 3.1 update, but if you still encounter bugs, please consider submitting an issue on our Github page! We'll review each one for the next release! Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing madve2, that means a lot! We definitely considered that feature, but had to cut it to submit in time. We'll consider adding it in future releases for sure! 

I love this show, this episode and this game! Super simple concept, but you really nailed the atmosphere and feel of the ep. Jump did feel a little short, and spamming it definitely made the game easier. But I actually liked how I could get to the end. Great work!

Amazing game for a solo effort! I like how the car and boat handled, and the bottles piling up and shifting around was a really well done touch. Felt like it could have used a little music, and the bottle art style was at odds with the rest of the game, but that's just nitpicking on an otherwise solid game!

One of the most original concepts in this jam so far! Loved the idea, and loved how it translated through game mechanics. Very simple but very effective. An absolute feat for a one man team! Would have loved some voice acting to be able to follow the dialogue though, as I was more focused on not running into walls!

Awesome game, really highly polished and very cool take on the show! Thanks for creating this you should all be proud!

Interesting concept and great result for a team of 2! Like others, I was a little confused with how to play or the order of cooking, I mostly ended up with what looked like burnt cookies. I think just a tiny bit more clarity on how to play would be useful, but I did like the experimentation of it all! Plus I loved the art style. Overall great take on the show!

Thanks atolVerderben! We're proud of the level design too, which was done by our very own Zach Kolman. Don't worry, you weren't the only one to be confused by that. We've changed the colors and collision of those vines so it should be just a little bit more obvious. Thanks for the feedback! If you find anything else, send us an issue on our Github page here:

Hey The Frustrated Gamer! We loved watching your Let's Play of our game, it was hilarious to watch and you have a great YouTube personality! We've actually updated it a little since you last played, so you shouldn't die before starting the spike section anymore. We hope you give it another look and manage to find Spongebob! Check out the latest release here:

Thanks for playing Chasersgaming! Sorry to hear about your issue, but that has now been resolved in version 2.0. You can check it out on our release page here.

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Thanks for your feedback niadocraz! We heard your issue with the game over screen menus, and implemented a fix in our new version 2.0 release. You can find it here. Hope you give it another shot!