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Team Cold Ice

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I like this game and I think it has potential. However, it's really hard to grasp. The game put you right in the middle of the action and you die quite a lot before to understand what's going on. I also think that the game doesn't feel fair. the background is empty so it's hard to understand the height and the width of your jump, especially if there aren't any platform on the screen. This makes it really hard because you don't know if your jump is correct or not. Also, the enemies gives you a jump boost which is really hard to calculate and control.. they can also speed you up downward, which makes you die a lot of times.

I really like the concept of the game! It uses the Dual Purpose Design in a really cool way and the game itself is quite interesting! However, I think it lacks a bit of feel and it can be much more funny if it was faster! But overall, very good job!

I love this game! I think the idea has a great potential and it can totally work as a mobile game. I can't see the Dual Purpose Design coming out from the gameplay though, but the game itself is really good. I love the art style and the general feel is amazing.