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awesome environment. reminds me of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and The Last of Us

great idea. will you make a game out of it?

simply awesome. nothing more to say!

Cool game with amazing visuals. Good job! 

Would you mind rating our game as well? :)

The game plays really cool! Is there a way to get ALL the data? I feel like it were impossible to get some of them. The art looks nice, the soundtrack is cool. 
The only thing is I feel it is a little short. Maybe make it proc gen? But that's personal taste I guess. Good job anyways! :)

Would you please rate our game as well? :) 

OMG SO ADDICTIVE!!!!!! My best is checkpoint 16/29 so far... will Give it some other tries tonight :D And dat bg music! <3

Would you please rate our game as well? :) 

It looks to me as if the game was not finished in time. Will you continue working on that? I see some potential. But it definitely needs some background music :)

Would you please rate our game as well? :) 

That was a game which looked like a dream born in Catbug's (Bravest Warriors) mind :D Cool music

Would you please rate our game as well? :) 

I really like the aesthetics and gameplay. I feel the background music could have been a little fancier.

All in all an awesome game. Good job! :)

nice little puzzle game :) I like the graphics

Cool puzzle game you made there. I only found it tough that you cannot remove wires after you created them.

Keep up the good work! :)

I really liked it, even tho I'm pretty bad at it ;)
The tweet your score function didn't work for me (on Win8.1 and Chrome)

Good job as usual, Rob :)

You keep delivering awesome games over and over again. Keep up that good work!

nice little puzzle game. even tho i felt it very confusing that it not using multiplication first, then addition and subtraction

once I understood what to do I really enjoyed it :) gj!

Really good job on your first game :) 

Keep up that good work!


Nice game there. It would just help if the player would get some audio feedback when he was hit. So you're not totally caught by surprise when the game's suddenly over. :)