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The game is surprisingly very fun! I can't wait for an update.

I played the demo a long time and I liked it a lot , so I was wondering If the game is on hiatus? will  the full version be available  soon? 

I just couldn't help crying when I reached the end . 

The game  opened the gates of a whole new world before my eyes  because the way you approached the '' artificial intelligence''  was very unconventional to me . The story & the inetractions  were  both  heratwarming and refreshing .

 I definitly loved the CGs  & the spirits , particularly Silas' . I also have a little obsession about the title of the game :Thismysoul , it's just very beautiful !   

If I could wish for something to be added to the game , I think it would be more details about Silas's background story.

 Overall , thank you for bringing such a beautiful game to the world , I can't wait to discover more of your creations .

Well that's a very beautiful game! the combination of  russian clothes and names , the dark and mysterious atmosphere and the captivating story is perfect . Personnaly , I chose  the sorcerer's romantic ending , and I was not disappointed .  I wonder though what inspired you to make this game? 

It looks amazing ! when will the english version be available ? 

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Hello ! I can't wait to play the first episode :)) I m sure the full game will be a wonderfull success :) best of luck to you !

It's sweet and fun :D The conversation is light and adorable ! I definitly enjoyed it

I enjoyed the Demo so much ! The story is very captivating and the characters are lovely , so I ended up getting attached to most of them ;D .When will the full game come out?

Eventually, it worked ! thank god it did , because if it didn't I would have missed playing the best game ever .Honestly, playing the game was such a happy surreal experience , it was like a getaway from reality to a sweet world and everything was perfect : the dialogue , the characters, the stories ,the artwork. I hope that you'll make more marvellous games like this one .Yes , I'm a BIG fan now :D , thank you very much for this game!

I finished the game and I loved it! It's fun and there are multiple choices . I think that the idea of the game and its concept is really interesting and unique ! I just wish it was longer ,well thanks for the awesome game!

The game seems to be awesome and so much fun but when i try to unzip the game it says that the file is damaged and that it's impossible to start it , what can I do to fix it? :(