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I love the game, but it will be cool if you can encounter other drivers or play with random people in the same car


You right. I didn't had enought time to finish all the aspects of the game. The dice change the gun damage.

Thanks for playing!

I had no time to finish my prototype. I'm so sorry, no music by now

I tried my best to make the game almost playable, but I had less time to finish due to faimly issues :( I'll try ti finish sometime. I think it have potencial. Thanks fir playing!

Amazing experiencie in multiplayer!!
I found 2 bugs.

  • the enemies bodypush me inside walls and outside houses.
  • I can duplicate items bu drop and catch fast

OMG looks so cool. Have random maps to replay with friends??

I love the fact that you can kill enemies in this sequel, and the fog looks really cool, I love the night and day system, cool adition

Ufff mucho de calidad 😍

So cool, fun to play. The red dots are so hard to avoid!!

Wow, nice visuals, nice sfx and music and I love the gameplay!!

Nice job!! Like the duck donut county. I like the idea!

Thanks!! Yeah, you right, At this point I have a lot of work to do, the easy for me to continue developing the main game was that, I prefer to create a wave system to avoid the duck deletion.

Thanks, I'm working on that. Hope I'll update the game this week.

I know, I thought that the abyss could be the fall from the heights. Thank's for playing!

Thanks, actually is a WIP I'm trying to do my best with this. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks you for playing!! I'm changing some aspects of the game to make it more enjoyable and I'm fixing some bugs. Late this week I'll update the game!


Good idea and good job!

Okay, thanks Your work is great. I manage to finish the game with my friends. I missed a final cutscene when you beat the game like in your other game "Fog of life" But is really cool, nice!!!

This game is super fun, trying to make a totem with my friends. One question there are any way to scape from monsters?? So hard to avoid

Oh Nice!! I'll play again with my friends. Nice work!

Cool idea, I play 4 or 5 times and I got eliminated by 2nd kind of enemies everytime :( I like how it look. There is any way to use the shield??

When you select "Start" in the main menu the cursor still working and you can press exit while the transition is running I don't know if is intended or not. 

Que buena pinta!!! Me encanta

It's fun, cool game, but I prefer The fog of life.

The left and right movement kinda wrong and the enemies are faster than the players.

Super fun game to play with friends!
Good idea, I hope you can develop more the idea to include more elements like resident evil, survival...

Thanks for all your content!! ♥️

Great work!

Love this game

Are you planning to make a 4 player lan version? I really enjoy your game, Nice job!

What happen with the registration mail?!

Am, sorry but can you make a more fine looking menus in the game? I only see the main menu and its the basic buttons from Unity. I made a 5min try to create another looking and is weird too. Look XD

You did it! Great Game!

Hey! I see a Windows and Mac version available but no Linux one, What happen? ;-;

Can you create a project for camera follow and send to me?

I hope If I see how it works I can made my own mode/method for camera follow. Thanks

I'm trying this but does not work :(

-This in global variables:

let characterVelocity = playerActor.arcadeBody2D.getVelocityX();

-This in another actor code: ;

The game not run with this lines, I don't know how I can get this work :(

Hello people;

How can I make the camera follow the player character?

Please help me, thanks.