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A member registered Nov 27, 2015

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That was absolutely mesmerizing to watch and play. Music and visuals have set the perfect rhythm, encouraging me to try and speedrun. I've enjoyed seamless introduction of new mechanics and obstacle, and a snippet of story in the end of the demo intrigued, interested to learn more.

I am kind of scared, yet excited to play full version, because I fear that level of mindfuck will only increase an I am not sure I can handle it :P
Anyway, thanks for great experience and good luck!

Core gameplay is already fun and dandy, let's hope you'll get enough on kickstarter. When packed with content this will be a bloody fantastic game, Rooting for you!

The concept of Babel Library is thrilling in itself and to explore an interactive world based on it, is a great experience. So thanks for the opportunity!

I've spend too much time playing, for a tiny game like this :P

Personally, if you ever come back to it, i'd love to see some statistics UI, like dead body count, types of monsters beaten etc. Also, It'll be nice to have on tablet/smartphone.

Music is ok, art is cute tho!