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Unity highly preferred at the moment, I have all the props and designs completed in Unity for the first game. Just maintaining a TCP/IP method multiplayer is good enough for the initial work to be done. But yeah it would be much better to use a server based method so the data loss is prevented for instance.

Hi, do you own the textures used? Just curious. 

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In the lookout for a single person, or two at most. We want this to stay within local workplace, mostly.

Edit: We could however collaborate on a new project, you can contact me through if that is the case.

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 Hello, as a newly up and coming development team, looking for an experienced game developer / programmer to assist in gameplay scripts... Which we'll be hiring as soon as we release Amiss 13 for sale. I personally intend to keep this professional and make sure more jobs follow if this works out for both parties. If you're looking for a pay check, well, this might work too, just will need to negotiate the terms.

 What I expect from you:

 Dedication; not only to take the tasks seriously but to also a will that will take you through the job without physical supervision.

 Expertise; the ability to create complex gameplay mechanisms and scripts, as direct and simplified as possible. This includes client side coding for tcp / ip at the very least.

 A utilized perspective on how else we could rework literally anything, before the project is concluded.

Now this may look frightening or seem to be somewhat lacking information, though I am hoping anyone looking to get involved with something like this wouldn't mind stepping up and asking contributing to the idea themselves.

We have an RPG in the works that has horror elements (in other words no jumpscares or graphical horror, just storyline), I was going to pm you but now I realize the functionality does not exist.

Hopefully we'll have a playable demo soon, so obviously I figured I'd mention that here.

Seems interesting, good luck.

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Hi, i get that it's a bit late to start a dev log here as it's already on 50%, but for sure we could use some attention as Sim-plistic is rather new and frankly can't really wait any longer to share what we have going on, for our first full and well, real game. Here's some information on the game, a checklist on what we have prepared and what's left to do on the game.

What is sim-plistic all about?

Not to brag but we care for simple, playable, easy going games, and intend to widen our experience to develop better games over time.

The game

The game revolves around certain characters in a realm with a lot of unknown potential, potential for danger, mysticism and corruption, where the law is obviously insufficient and power is overwhelmingly reflective on individuals. As the theme goes rather dark and twisted at times, there should be a wide grin of hope and brightness too. The genre is in the end, fantasy/sci-fi hybrid RPG.

Aside from the information we've already given, in details the gameplay will be a combination of tasks on map, trait selection, and turn based battles between groups up to 3 characters. And hopefully some nice music people will be fond of.

Work details:

Engine: Unity

Art: photoshop/krita

Intro video


Complete: Menu integration, autosave system.

Waiting for the final touches: Battle system, Character AI, Intro/Trailer (nothing fancy mind you), Inventory system, In game panels, ability system, madness driven storyline prologue.

Incomplete: Level design, Game Balance, Demonstrative Material (A demo game, yep), character creation/customization screen, 2 remaining storylines, GUI design.