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I've had this question asked before, actually! It's all subtextual, and therefore open to interpretation, reinterpretation, death of the author, etc; but my intent was that with what figurine you get not being random, with one's figurine having a magical intent and purpose hidden behind the blind box, what it does to you is never something that doesn't apply to you, if the vague language makes sense. Not necessarily determinism, not necessarily destiny, but... you don't get what you get for no reason. What this means for"Jeremy" is left open-ended, but there is an implication it didn't come out of nowhere from the figurine itself. Again, I'm being super vague about all this because I quite enjoy this vagueness myself,  it's stuff I like to write about in that way, but if you'd rather be reassured by a clear-cut answer, then yes, personally I think Jeremy was... whatever the egg equivalent for plural is. All of the resulting headmates do take traits from them, and once again, that does imply stuff about the before.

Hey there! One of my friends who played through the game was saddened to find no way to lower infamy? They kept getting the influencer event and bad luck with it. They suggested getting clients coming in with requests to cure and remove TFs they'd had done against their will as an option to clear infamy? That's definitely an angle that seems a bit underused for now. Regardless, for an alpha, that's an amazing job already! Love the focus on queer inclusivity and positivity in the employees. Even all the 18+ parts aside it just feels nice giving people the bodies they desire.

I really like this! Not a big fan of the UI, but the core loop is very solid. Eagerly waiting for more content :)

hahaha couldn't even go further than level 8 without closing the game out of complete guilt. Absolutely well done. I see the comments talking about the level 9 dog and on the one hand I wonder what it looks like, on the other I don't have it in me to inflict it on those poor dogs nor on myself.

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Ditto for me. Reloading the page and the rule is breaking again though, at least until the next prestige!

I'm not sure I can be so hopeful that we could survive an apocalypse... Workers of the world, let's unite before it's too late.


Aaaah, that was very good! Looking forward to more of Charlotte's tale, and to meeting Bridgette (or discover we already have in the third chapter?).

Dang, now that makes me want a Kirby mod for the extended Celeste :p

So, uh... This is inspired by a true story I bet, right? This feels inspired by a true story. Very cute little read.

That's quite alright! Any amount of work is already an achievement. Congrats on writing!!

Hehe, thanks for the giggle. The mission of your cover has been accomplished :p

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That was a great little read! I feel so teased by the current ending and just want more. The writing is quite good, with nuggets of *very* good in a few sentences here and there. Do you have a twitter or something else I could follow to be informed when you'll finish the full story?

Beta reading is something I very much can do. Anyone looking for feedback can ask me if they so wish.

Dammit, where's the headpat emote on itchio?

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Absolutely! When you use the "create a new project" page, at the classification question you would simply have to select "book". When it comes to uploading files, itchio already accepts .txt, .pdf, .epub and I'm sure many other types of files as well. You shouldn't encounter any particular problem, but don't hesitate to ask a few more questions if you encounter problems with the upload page's interface.
Then, to submit your project as part of the jam, once it is uploaded go back to the jam's main page, click on the "submit your project" button and select it in the list.

If I've been unclear let me know!

As absolutely marvelous as ever!!
I highly recommend rereading the first half once you're done with your first complete read. A lot of clever foreshadowing in there.

Gosh gosh gosh, that was a fun read. Got some nice giggles out of me. Not into the whole pain and bodily fluids bit, but the entire rest, gosh sounds like a fun day.

Sorry if that's not exactly interesting feedback, haha. Just finished it. Still a bit too brainfucked to write a more usable comment.

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Do not take the content warning lightly, and remember this is a Zandra story where bad endings don't happen, and you should be able to enjoy with this one. Try to let yourself go with the flow of the main character's feelings for the best experience possible. If you don't, it will become much more distressing to go through.

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This was hilarious and almost cute. I didn't expect it to get crazy like that so brutally, but it was an excellent idea.

Adored the format of that story, clever usage of the common twine options.

For nitpicky critcism, I felt like the knight became way too trusting of Jeanne too quickly, but I empathize that fluffing up the painful to write parts, even for the sake of pacing, is hard.
Similarly, the knight accepted the identity of their soul surprisingly quickly. I'd expected a bit more resistance, bit more denial. Not that that couldn't be fixed - maybe a quick lore sentence that mentioned that the mental image of souls is really that big a deal and that's why they didn't struggle to accept it so instantly.

The rest though... Oh boy. It feels very... primal, very heartfelt. Like that's just how it came out of the author's hands, and it was naturally good.

the NSFW passage was cute <3.