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Tawny Ferrin (TwistThorn Entertainment)

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Did you download the .pck file? 

For Windows, you need both the .exe and the .pck (it's the file called "Black Mill_edit.pck"). Also, the two files need to be placed in the same location on your PC in order for the game to run.

I hope this helps, and sorry for the inconvenience.

There were some bugs in the game that I only realized after uploading it, and the 2nd glowing area contained some of these bugs. However, I will be uploading a newly fixed version this coming Thursday or Saturday (Aug 16 or 18), so I hope that one will work for you.

Also, thanks for your kind words - and for hosting the Gothic Novel Jam. It was a real pleasure participating in it!

Hello, everybody, I'm Tawny and I've just submitted my horror/adventure game Black Mill to the Gothic Novel Jam. You can find the game at

Black Mill is a 3rd-person, 2d adventure game that switches perspective between its two main characters--and I hesitate to use the terms "protagonist" or "good guys," because each harbors an inky past. In keeping with the Gothic tradition, the game has plenty of dark, blood-splattered eeriness, with a touch of romance and sexy bits. Here is a taster:

It is also free. Yup, absolutely free.

If you encounter any technical issues (the game won't start, etc.), do not hesitate to contact me. I'll do my best to work things out for you. You can leave a comment (here, or at the game's page), or you can email me at

Have fun!

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,  monsters and murderers.

Welcome to Black Mill, a submission to the Gothic Novel Jam. It is best played with headphones in a dark room. Enjoy!

Pourquoi pas? Bien sûr!


Quick question: is it permitted to upload new versions (say, for Mac and Linux)  of a submitted game after the submission period has already closed?