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Ok, I'm fan. I love the mechanics, it's simple and practical. Beautiful graphics! Got problems with some UI elements for 21.9 aspect ratio:

The controls is very mobile oriented, it's nice and so but would be cool if I can at least change the move and aim mode with a shortcut (did I miss one?) Keep it up! 

Thanks for playing!

That's a huge problem! I'll take a look!  Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for playing!

Yep I can totally see people spamming strong pull to finish the levels. Having a bad time thinking of puzzle elements for this game. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciated! 

Yeah cool concept! I played a few matches before this current build and I could see a lot of improvements since then. Good work! Post Covid-Chan!

Thanks for playing!

Yea the game is lacking of visual feedbacks. The anomaly disappearing is caused when the player try to create an anomaly close to the witch / boss (there's a limit and without any visual feedback it's hard to tell). I really appreciated that you played my game. Thank you again!  

Hey there! 

I got the same problems as the others. I couldnt play that much because the camera shaking / movement. Played with keyboard +  mouse and with a xbox controller. Found a bug where the character slides after a jump (on platform) using the controller. The menu couldnt work properly after a death / restart (xbox controller).  Art is totally ok but remember to be consistent with your other's characters (like outlines, details).

Thanks for playing!

The game is really complicated and still missing a lot of visual feedback, I'm sorry. I'll take a look on the game's performance. Can you tell me what browser did you use? Again, thank you for playing! 

Ok I finished the demo (still missing a few medal missions). I really liked it. The dialogue and art are great.  Awesome boss fight, really! But I think you should rethink some stages design to make em harder.  The dificult gap between stages and the boss is huge! I love Peperi!

Thank you for playing! 

Yea the Battlefield (Endless mode) is still experimental and doesnt make any sense. I'll change the way the obstacles are spawned. Thank you for your feedback!