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all of your games are really cool. Short. But cool.

fnaf mixed with Alien... Interesting

This game might be among my favourite horror games. It explores the scariest part of horror - The knowledge that something will happen, but still a trace of doubt about it. You never know for sure that it's there, but you never know for sure that it isn't there. This element psychologically scared me and I'm sure many others, and I'm in awe of the great immersive graphics and the ability to look in all four directions - That's the thing that caused me to panic when I heard a sound, because you never know where it's coming from. This game is a true masterpiece and I love everything about it. Great game!

I liked this game. The confusion of room 308 missing and being stuck in this loop mixed with the horror you experience on the way brought me into a state of paranoia and anxiety. This video game felt real.

this game has a very unique art style. loved it.

I'm rolling on the floor laughing

great game!

Awesome. Just awesome. No jumpscares, only creepy sound effects. The atmosphere was fantastic. I loved it. Awesome.

That really was a kick that sharpened my senses.

Didn't work with linux but i just downloaded the windows version and played it with wine but the game itself was fun.