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Nah bro it’s not my school… GitHub has an program for every student. You can sign up here if ur still a student

Thanks for the feedback! The reason the snake doesn’t move at its own pace is because you might not always have enough body to get through 15 seconds which ultimately makes you loose rather early in the game.

Thanks again, Tarsier

Yeah thanks for the feedback. Had some issues with the team since our artist dropped out last minute so we got started rather late with the game so we didn’t get to implement all the features we wanted.

The Unity Premium isn’t that big of a deal since anyone who still goes to school can get it for free via GitHub Education.

Yeah and I was also thinking of doing a V2 after the jam ends but idk how the others feel about this.

Thanks again, Tarsier

Yeah it’s a Unity game so it takes a while to load.. Please have patiens or download the windows version

sorry u gotta record a video with a similar time to get this accepted

bro wut

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bro he aint gonna reveal it til’ the contest is over.. its bad binn’es

youve got three hours to get back on the podium

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youve got three hours to get back on the podium

Current top three:

  1. 00:20:46 @ENDOBLANCE​: Don’t f#@k with the soup!
  2. 00:21:59 @kofgdo: The Soup Road
  3. 00:24:70 @machinodude: PopChess

well u always hope for the best right?


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Your speedrun time is displayed after the credits of the game! 😜

Didnt really get what to do in the beginning but i got it after a while.. not much of a reader so i just skipped trough the whole tutorial 😅

Yukon W: These are little optional things you can do to make your life a living hell. Mix and match, but please don’t do them all.

JonoExplainsThings: “…don’t do them all”, haha fun joke

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Get in the top three and post your time to win a spot on the podium together with a link to your game! Your final time will be displayed after the credits in game. Please send a screenshot of the result here so we can verify it and put you on the podium!


Thanks! Yeah I too was very surprised by @aimie.bougies art. Thanks for playing!

oh hes never gonna forgive u UwU

Pretty fun game! Ive never played paggle either but it think this is how it it supposed to work.. Did you make the levels so that you could (theoretically) with one can or how did u do it? Would also be nice with a restart button!

Super fun cute game! Love the artwork and the soundtrack!

Super hard to play but fun nonetheless

couldnt load the game

So fun to play! Love the story! Could help with some music during the the in ship story tho.. other than that this game is amazing!

Dont forget to rate the other games in the comment section (not only mine) 😜

Amazing stuff for three hours of work! Great job!

Nice relaxing shooter! It might just be on my pc but i get a lot of motion blur (i get kinda motion sick easily). It might be a artistic choice but maybe add a toggle off button?

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Artists love this jam bc it gives them some challange. This is the only reason my graphics designer started making games in the first place

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Quality game! Really love that snake get flashbacks from pokemon. Would be nice with a timer tho

We have now added W/Space and other controls to the game since those only are minor changes!

Really nice game! Tbh i dont really get how this fits in with the theme but its fun nonetheless!

I must be playing golf cuz i got a score of -2000!! Really good and fun time killer! Would be nice with a WebGL port tho

Fun little game with simple enough graphics. Would however recommend to port it to WebGL so that more people can play it (most people doesnt wanna download a game to test it out)


Ver fun little game! A few bugs bu other than that its amazing!

Really fun game! A bit hard getting out of corners tho

Ah didnt know that.. thanks!

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lol this must be one of the most hillariou games ive ever seen 🤣

aaa sneaky way to market your game jam i see

Nice game with cute graphics! Just that idk if i missed an enemy or not while shooting since no bullets come out of the gun and the sounds doesnt change if you hit an enemy. Another thing is that youre kinda doomed if you run out of bullets.. maybe add a jump button?