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Tapehead Games

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Hey! Thanks a lot! :)

Thank you very much for the let's play

Thank you!

This was quite funny and entertaining. Well done!!

Very puristic! But i played it couple times now and had fun! This is pretty cool :)

@dT_UNIVERSE Thanks! :)

@Xanthus Thank you very much! We appreciate it :)

Pretty cool and clean pixel art style! And it's fun to play! Very well done!

Wow! This is impressive and very good executed for that short amount of time. I also like the very clean pixel art style and the game play mix. Very well done!

@Eigen Lenk Thank you very much! We are glad you like it :) And thak you for the bugreport, it's very strange and i'll check this.

Thank you all very much! We are glad you like it :)

@atkinchris we thought about this too and thinking about to add more in thhe post jam version

damn! this is a great entry!

Thank you very much! :)

haha YAY!!!

wow! thank you very much! we are glad to hear that :)